Happy 80th Birthday, Norma Jean
the cake

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cards and flowers
dispaly, photo archive Norma seems surprised

greeting well-wishers party-goers 1 party-goers 2 party-goers 3
party-goers 4 party-goers 5 party-goers 6 party-goers 7
Emily watches the action party table John's wife and daughters Jared is chef lunch line mints and nuts

Some Friends & Family
confetti kid Chuck Patti Bob Tonya Jared and Bruce chatting
Modig nephews Gale Sue and Jim kids Brian and daughter Emily

Doing the Cake
Norma and great-grandkids birthday singing blowing candles eighty candles blaze
Tonya slices cake cake serving, in action cake line Norma opens cards Bob, Patti, Norma Jean

Opening Cards
Cleve Patti, party-planner from Santa Norman, close-up Norma, close-up 2

Beginning Clean-up
Chuck begins cleaning up Jared stacks chairs

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Norma 1 Norma 2 Norma 3 Norma 4 Norma 6 Norma 5