Love Bug, Volkswagon Beetle
Max and I were very impressed with Jerry's new Volkswagon bug.
It was cute. It was luxurious. 
It had head room (even in the back seat). 
It had leg room (even in the back seat). 
It had safety features (front and side air bags) and twice the weight of the "old" bugs. It had terrific, high-tech headlights. 
It had an engine in the front (where it belongs). 
It had a vase of flowers near the steering wheel.

Neat new car!

All photos © 2000 by Carol Yoho
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Jerry and his new bug Jerry and his new Beetle.
silk flowers on the dashboard The vase of silk flowers was a nice touch.
Jerry driving Beetle Jerry took us for a test spin.
styling, rear left taillight The VW looks good coming and going.
styling, front left headlight High-tech headlights.
red bar graphic