Asja[title] Asja's Henna Tattoos




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Asja mixes henna powder, lemon juice and eucalyptus oil to paste consistency, then squeezes it into an application bottlestarting Bob's snail
Asja likes to work outdoors in nice weatherpainting a snail on Bob's arm
decoration painted on my upper armclose up view of banjo head with henna design
Bob and Asja
applying henna dye
Bob's finish, still-wet painting
experimentation on a banjo head
Asja's decorated feet

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Henna Body Art

Asja Dawn Eckertson

Asja is a young artist living in Lawrence, Kansas.
   Besides painting in acrylic and sculpting,
Asja works in all-natural henna dye in an age old
   practice of painting temporary, fading tattoos on skin.
Asja demonstrated her art on Bob's inside arm and my
   upper arm. Her own feet were tattooed.
   After painting on the henna dye, mixed with lemon
   juice and
eucalyptus oil, she instructed us to let the
   dye dry on our skin, and leave it there for several hours.
   The tattoo fades over the course of a week or two.
Asja uses henna for therapy and healing as well.