Josh Graduates!
Josh is a high school graduate!

Graduation ceremony was held Sunday, May 23, 1999 at the Topeka Expo Center. A reception was also held on Saturday in Josh's honor. 

Josh distinguished himself during high school with his talents in music (Topeka West Singers, choir,  Jazz Band) and acted in numerous muscials including this year's "State Fair". Josh also recently appeared in Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers."

Congratulations, Josh

Grandma Carol, Grandpa Max and JoshJosh gets diplomaJosh and actor friends
All photos © 1999 by Carol Yoho

Josh's party balloons Select thumbnail to see a larger picture
Josh hugs his dad
   Josh gives his dad a hug

Josh and Daniel

   Josh and bud, Daniel

Josh and Ashley

   Josh and Ashley

Allison G., Josh, and Jason

   Allison, Josh and Jason

Further graduation adventures:
Grandpa Max, Josh, Sherry, Alex, Laney and Shane
Yohos plus...
Allison G., Josh and Daniel Allison, Josh and Daniel
Grandma Carol S. with Josh
Carol Schultz is a proud grandmother   
Cory and Josh
  Josh and his friend Cory

All photos © 1999 by Carol Yoho
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