Josh Yoho, college graduate

Josh Yoho graduated from
Washburn University
on Saturday, May 15, 2004.
He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Music degree
in performance voice. Josh is a tenor.

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Josh, on stage Josh, on his way to sit as a new graduate Josh Yoho, cum laude
Shawn, Laney, Josh, Alex, Sherry, Carol Shane, Laney, Josh, Sherry, Carol, Alex Pals, Jeff Kready and Stacy Myers with Josh
Josh with his Grandma Lois Laney, Josh, Sherry, Carol Josh celebrates graduation at supper out
Dad Alex and Grandpa Max Mom Sherry 1 Mom Sherry 2
Josh with balloon bouquet Grandma Lois Grandpa Tom

All photos © 2004 by Carol Yoho
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