[title] Laney's Babies Shower

Granddaughter Laney Gliser is expecting TRIPLETS. Her Aunt Lori threw a baby shower for Laney on Sunday, July 23, 2006. Laney's mom, Sherry, and dad, Alex, were there, as were many other friends and relatives.
As great grandmother-to-be I am very excited and happy for the expectant mother and her husband, Shane. The ultrasound hints that they may be two girls and a boy.
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Guests to the north Guests to the south
Mom-in-law, friend, grandmother, and Laney's mom, Sherry The many nice baby gifts Room with baby decorations
Laney behind reception table Laney and her Aunt Lori, shower hostess Getting ready for treats Laney chats with friend Laney opens  gifts as Lori makes records
Sarah with sugar duck Laney opens gifts 1 Laney opens gifts 2 Laney opens gifts 3 Laney's dad, Alex, records the situation
Moms discuss new grandbabies-to-be Shower cake Guest inspect gifts Sarah shows baby's sleep with alligator

All photos © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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