Gideon, Sarah and Joel Sarah is Ten! Sarah's birthday monkey
Sarah smiles Sarah's friends Sarah bow
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Centennial Park, Lawrence, KS, April 2006
Shelter, Centennial Park Under the shelter roof Twisty limb, Spring 2006 Park trees, Centennial Park Friends gather at Centennial Park, Lawrence
Preparing the Birthday Cake
Nick helps Sarah decorate her cakes Happy Birthday to Me Friends help decorate cakes Sarah blows out her candles Sarah and Quinlen each cheese puffs


Sarah and her friends Rainbow cheek Silouettes Joel inspects Sarah's new monkey Quinlen decorates Eor


Nick Joel helps strum Grandpa Stuart's banjo Stuart strums banjo while Jeremy listens Visiting
Nick passes out birthday cake Pigtails and Gideon eat snacls Joel's wide eyes Joel under the picnic table
Family Celebrates
Sarah and her new gorilla Emily Anna Carol and Joel Cleve Max
Gideon Stuart, Anna, and Joel Jeremy

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