Sarah's Third Birthday Celebration

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Sarah and some of her friends.
Sarah and friends
Opening gifts
Sarah's mom, Leanna,  helps her open gifts.
Sarah's dad, Nick, was the chef.
Dad Nick grills
Sarah and Erin
Sarah's Uncle Erin gave her a trike.
Kids scrambled for treats from the broken pinata.
Treats for kids
Ron and Neetie
Sarah's Grandpa Ron and Grandma Neetie.
Carol's dad, Cleve, talks with Stuart.
Cleve and Sturart
Erin examines Tommy Rugrat
Erin examines Tommy, the Rugrat doll.
Sarah on her new trike.
Sarah with her new bike
Uncle Stu
Uncle Stuart wears his new hat.

All photos © 1999 by Carol Yoho
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