Sarah is 5

Sarah's fifth birthday Sarah and bubblesKanai, a Kle-Kai breed of dogscrambling in the parkgifts

Sarah's fifth birthday party was held at Clinton Park in Lawrence, Kansas on a very windy day. But the wind did not spoil the fun, the food, and the celebrating.

Sarah unwraps her gifts

Sarah with bubble gunSarah chasing bubbles
Sarah and park friendsGrandpa reads Sarah's cardLaney and her dog
Nick cooks bratsthe neighbor twinsTim
The party included new friends found in the park, twin friends from next door and their mom, Grandpa Max and Carol, Uncle Alex, Aunt Sherry, Cousin Laney and her new dog, and friend Tim.
petting the dogpetting the dog also
Sarah blows out her birthday candlefriend and his scooterUncle Alex loads the bubble gun
Romping, chasing bubbles, scootering, eating brats and birthday cake and playing on the playground equipment keep the Birthday Girl busy.

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All photos © 2001 by Carol Yoho
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