Sarah's Eighth Birthday

Sarah celebrated her eighth birthday with a picnic on a rainy Saturday in April, 2004.

Granted, it was the first time in eight years that the weather had not cooperated for celebrating.

Luckily, kids don't seem to mind getting wet and there was a shelter from the rain under which to gather.

No one let the rain spoil our celebration and, eventually, the rain stopped. It was not cold and it was not windy, so we enjoyed our picnic in honor of a very special Birthday Girl.

Site [heading]
patio area, south of shelter
kids swing park shelter, Lawrence, Kansas
Kids [heading]
McKynzie Sarah and friend inspect Grandpa's new book cousin Ethan cousin Jasmine Sarah and Carleana
kids are the center of activity Sarah puts on rubber gloves for tie-dying kids watch Sarah kids pose with opened gifts
kids with birthday cake kids scramble to collect pinatta treats Cheyenne
Adults [heading]
Sarah's mom, Liana, orchestrated the events Liana's father, Ron, and wife, Needie Cleve and Ron Sarah's grandmother, Cheryl, with McKynzie Sarah's dad, Nick
Marvin and Great-grandpa Cleve Grandpa Max Aunt Anna and Uncle Stuart Aunt Robin tie-dyes clothing
Cake [heading]
Sarah's birthday cake Sarah blows out candles on her birthday cake Sarah with Ethan and Josh Sarah's mom cuts the birthday cake
Baby [heading]
new mom, Emily, holds baby Joel Joel Yoho Joel Joel, with his grandpa, Stuart Joel, with his grandma, Anna
Sing and Dye [heading]
Nick, with dyes, works his tie-dye magic Stuart sarenades Max sings and plays guitar adults oversee the tie-dying
Open Presents [heading]
Nick, Grandma Cheryl, and friend with Sarah Sarah's friends watch as she opens her presents Sarah digs to the bottom of a birthday bag Sarah with her proud Grandpa Max

All photos © 2004 by Carol Yoho
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