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Mom says WEAR STARS. Sarah says NO!
Sarah, her cousin Jasmine and her birthday cake Sarah is nine: an April 2005 birthday party [major page heading]
Sarah eats birthday cake Dad Nick and Sister McKynzie

Left to Right:
Sarah & Mom Liana
Sarah, cousin Jasmine
Sarah eats birthday cake
Dad Nick / Sister McKynzie

Kid Friends and Relatives [heading]
eating cake on the deckSarah's cousin Guideon and friendfriend 1CarleanaKynzie on slippery-slide
Kynzie on slide opening presents birthday party kids Sarah and friend 2
Boring Old Adults [heading]
Great-grandpa Cleve and Goofy plateLiana and Anna talk things overfriend dad and KynzieStuart and his new mini-banjo
the sunny deck warmed a chilly day Uncle Stuart and Grandpa Max Cleve and his hole-in-one mug Liana, Anna, Jeremy and Raven Max, Anna & Eli

All photos © 2005 by Carol Yoho
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