Making Baklava with Grandpa
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Max shows Emily how to keep the phyllo pliable Sarah is ready to begin making phyllo layers Max, Sarah and Emily each have baking duties Max works with Sarah Max shows Emily about spreading filling
Three cooks at the counter First phyllo layer is paper-thin Layers of phyllo build Melted butter is spread on each layer Sarah adds part of her filling
Emily makes the first diagnal cut to make diamonds Max and Emily work to make diamond cuts A metal ruler works great as a straight end Pouring glaze on baked baklava
Sarah pours glaze Pouring the delicious honey glaze Close-up, baked baklava

Sarah and Emily proudly show their finished work.

Sarah and Emily Yoho made baklava with Grandpa Max, on a Saturday in July, 2011.
    Emily remembered having this delicious honey-smothered dessert. Grandpa Max had made it once for her birthday.
    Sarah was interested in trying it after her birthday in April.
    Finally, it was baking day! Emily and Sarah piled phyllo dough (paper-thin, like parchment), layer by layer, into the baking pans, painting each layer with melted butter. After ten layers. one-third of the brown sugar/nuts/flaked coconut was spread.
    Next, ten more layers, more filling, ten more layers, more filling, ten more layers. Cutting the baklava into diamonds took a ruler and knife. Next, a glaze of sugar/water/honey. Our gals took away the baked goods with carrier lids. Great fun!

Leaving Grandpa's with two batches of fresh baklava.

All photos © 2011 by Carol Yoho
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