Holiday 2000

Welcome graphic Thanksgiving Visits
Sherry and Laney Nick, Josh, Max Josh and Papa
Thanksgiving dinner Alex and Uncle Phil Alex, Phil and Cleve

Christmas tree  

our tree in the fieldour tree, decoratedsouthern exposuretownhouse front

Christmas Eve

Alex and SarahSarahSarah drawingCarol and SarahSarah strums banjo

EmilyEmily, Susie and MauriceEmily and SusieEmily and Susie again

Stuart and MauriceSusie with bowCleve's new socksSusie with two bows

Josh, Sherry, Laney, CleveCarl and JoshJosh plays classical guitarJoshPapa and Josh

New Year's celebration

Jay and Max play horns:Jay plays LehnartJay plays doublebellMax and Jay harmonize

New Year's Eve:Bob and Dottie Lou host Nancy and Bob pose Max explains the situationBob's craft: hearth cat

Neighbors Gather:Max, Tom, Woody and JanJan, Barb, Vinci and GeorgeMax speaks to Woody's cat

All photos © 2001 by Carol Yoho
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