SherryAlex with archtop guitarAlex making musicJosh with McKynzie
Anna with poodle, LottieAnna with new shawlStuart and banjoEmily
Josh shows Sarah a chord on her new guitarNick helps set up Sarah's new guitarSarah and guitarSarah, McKynzie and guitar
Mike and son, ShaneMike, Shane and LaneyLaney with a pooch
McKynzie and SarahMcKynzie with LianaLiana, Sarah and McKynzieSarah shows 7 missing teeth
Mary with a cup of holiday cheerMaryCarol with 1960 Life Magazine gift
Max, Alex and Joshmusic jammin' with Sarah's helpfamily musicians
Max with ship's bell giftCleve watches the fun
Cleve with hole-in-one honorCarol and Max
Max with  guitarMax with archtop guitarStuart with banjoJosh with 12-string guitar
Carol's new Christmas elf flies in with giftsAnna's frosty snowman ornamentAnna's glass fairy ornamentthe smashed sousaphone was ritually decorated
CleveNickCarolMax with poinesettia gift
A Yoho Christmas

Above: Sherry, Alex and Josh (with McKynzie)

Anna, Stuart and Emily

Right: Young children always make Christmas special. This was McKynzie's first Christmas, here with her older sister, Sarah, and mom, Liana.
Below: Josh and dad, Nick, help Sarah, 6, set up and play her new electric guitar.
Left: Mike joined son, Shane, and daughter-in-law, Laney, in celebrating.
Sarah is missing 7 teeth!

Above: Mary and Carl join the fun.
Right: Max with ship's bell,
with hole-in-one remembrance,
and Max.

Each year family members pulled out their guitars and banjos and sing and play. (As Sarah learns to play her new electric guitar, she will probably be joining in the fun of making music.)
Right: Max, Stuart, Josh
Holiday Decorations
Our Christmas Dinner

Yohos and extended family gathered at the home of Stuart and Anna for feasting and family fun, including gifts and music. Glisers, Houstons, Wrights and Martins also attended and everyone ejoyed Stuart and Anna's hospitality.

Max's toy drum, received Christmas 1936, age 2
Felix the Cat, vintage 1920s
with string joints
All photos © 2002 by Carol Yoho
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