holly 1 [graphic]

Holiday season 2003 the Yoho family found Emily expecting our great-grandbaby; Shane & Laney in their new home in North Kansas City, Missouri; Sarah at age 7 and wanting inline skates for Christmas; and Uncle Phil visiting us from Boulder, Colorado at age 99 3/4.

Title: Yoho Christmas 2003

Stuart, with new banjo Nick, Christmas 2003 Alex and Max playing harmony Josh also plays guitar holly 2 [graphic]

holly 1 [graphic] Stuart celebrates Grandpa wears Sarah's new hat Josh finished his next-to-the-last semester at Washburn Alex plays guitar Emily gets the a Christmas stocking cap

Sarah in her ruby slippers Grandpa and Sarah Sarah in stocking cap Sarah in bright hat Sarah's cap has bows attached holly 2 [graphic]

holly 1 [graphic] Stuart and Josh make music Emily, Grandpa, Laney and Sarah Laney and Shane with barn print by Grandmother Rosemary

Uncle Phil with a Christmas treat Sherry, candy-making expert cook Eddie, pet, and white Christmas tree one of two birthday-gift vases holly 2 [graphic]

holly 1 [graphic] Shane and father, Mike Laney and mom, Sherry Emily with new engagement ring red cake

Phil checks family photo, circa 1949 Josh opens BIG present Emily and Eddie Anna, with baby quilt Shane converses with family pet

All photos © 2003 by Carol Yoho
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