YohoChristmas 2006
Alex brought his fiddle Stuart and grandson Joel Gather
Joel and Sarah
Emily, Santa's helper
Lois Stuart Anna with Stuart

Above:fiddle music by

Max and granddaughter Sarah Share Meal
Josh helps Lois fill her plate Alex, Stuart and Cleve Mary and Tom Martinez
Carl Nick Cleve Josh Lois and daughter Sherry

Alex with photo of new triplet grandbabies
Joel and Grandpa StuartGifts
Joel blows bubbles
Alex with audios

  Max sings, Stuart accompanies Music
jammin' Josh plays
Stuart, Josh, Max and Alex take a breakStuart, Josh, Max and Alex play
Alex plays juice harp Josh and Alex play Alex helps Joel play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Sarah tried the fiddle

Rest and Play
Sarah stretches so Joel stretches too dizzy Joel spins in chair
Sarah, Cleve, Tom, Mary and Nick relax
Carl plays pool
Sarah helps deliver the gifts Emily plays poolEmily, Joel and Sarah play ping pong

All photos © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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