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Yoho Family Christmas, Topeka, 2007
Stuart tunes guitar Nick with coffee Julia, Sherry, Laney and Sam
Jeremy plunks mandolin Daddy Shane with Julia Sophia with cousin Sarah, age 11 Julia with cousin Gideon, age 6
Joel is three Ben and Emily Anna and Josh Papa Max Cleve
Mary Carl and Stuart Lois At tables

Chow Time [title]
Sophia 1 Sophia 2 Sophia 3 Sophia 4
Anna chooses supper foods Sam 1 Sam 2 Sam 3
Sarah goes through chow line Julia has a drink Julia at supper Joel has supper
Stuart smoked the ham Ben Jeremy checks out desserts Nick chats with Carl Cleve invites in Bob, the night watchman

Kids [title]
Julia, Gideon, Joel, Samuel, Sophia and Sarah Laney and Jules Mama Laney oversees babies at supper
Sarah, Sophie and Gideon Sarah and Sophia Sophie plays piano with help from Sarah
Julia and Sam Julia crawls Helping up a little one Josh and Sam
Sophie crawls Sophie sits Sophie with Sarah Sophie stands

Gifting [title]
Lois, Ben, Joel, Emily and Alex Max behind, with Julia, Sherry, Laney and Sophie Baby jail is just behind the sofa
chatting outdoors for a smoke instruments await playing
Gifts kids' gifts Jeremy and Anna with Gideon's new toy
Max watches kids open gifts Laney and Julie and Stuart watch the action Nick with Poinsettia Joel with Hot Wheels racer set
Josh and Sam watch Sophia inspects Christmas package Julia enjoys ripping Christmas wrapping Joel
Sarah with mixing bowls Sarah with cooking utensils and mongramed apron Stuart helps Joel put on his socks
Adults pick mystery gifts by number.
Adults pick mystery gifts by number
collage Shane and gift Carol and gift Nick and gift Sherry and gift Stuart and gift Alex and gift Josh and gift Laney and Julia Max and gift
Relaxing [title]
Nick, Sarah and Max listen to Josh, Stuart and Alex play bluegrass Josh, Stuart and Alex take five
Josh on guitar Stuart on banjo and Alex on mandolin Sarah with Sophia Sarah with Sam in his pajamas for the long trip home
left to right, back row is Sophia, Shane, Laney, Julia and Josh. In front are Sherry, Sam and Alex.
Alex Yoho family, extended 2007

All photos © 2007 by Carol Yoho
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