The Yohos and immediate kin spent Christmas Eve together in 2008 at the Community Room, Martin Creek Place retirement community, Topeka, KS.
Everyone had a nice time!

2008 Yoho Christmas, Martin Creek Place, Topeka
Shane and Laney check out video Sarah and Sophia Uncle Josh, Sophie and Mom Laney Sophia and Julia with Nana Sherry
Sarah and Joel front to back is Gideon, Sophia, Joel and Sarah Sam and the blue cup Gideon juggles Gideon juggles Sarah advocates we Be Ever Green
Uncle Josh and Sophie Anna's mom, Mary Jules with Grandpa Alex Sophie with Great Grandpa Max
Carol Grandpa Max and Sarah Anna and her pink mug Clean cut Nick
Sarah's socks Julia's shoes Julia's Christmas tights Sophie and Julia's Christmas tights Gideon gets help trying is new Moon Boots

Sherry Shane and Josh Stuart Max
Cleve and Martin Creek's Bill Emily Carl Cleve tries a candy strawberry. Yum. Nick

Stuart and soup Max and candle Shane, Laney and Emily Sarah and her new laptop
Sam checks out music CD gift. Shane and Laney supervise. Carl and penguin Anna gets the yodeling pickle. Yes...the yodeling pickle. Joel and Gideon dive into presents Emily checks out pop-up version of The Jungle Book
Sarah tries her new laptop Alex chooses tools Emily watches Joel's robot Emily and Joel watch robot Joel observes robot behavior

Sophie, Sam, Nana Sherry, and Julia Mom Laney, Sam, climbing girls, Sarah and Nana Sherry Sophia with Grandpa Alex Sophie and Jules with Grandpa Alex
Uncle Josh supervises Sam's strumming Jammin' with Max. Josh and Stuart, 3 generations Stuart plays banjo Listening to jammin'
Josh supervises strumming. Sam checks out case, while Gideon acts the moves. Emily, Nick and Carl chat Wearing green are Mary, Joel, Sarah, Carol, Sam and Shane scraps
Sophie jives to Josh's jam Triplets jive to the jam Sophie jives to Max's jam Julia jives with Great Grandpa Max

Today I'd like to visit N.Y. City. See their SANTAS (NYTimes)

All photos © 2008 by Carol Yoho
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