A Yoho Christmas 2009

tree 1 Stuart with banjo Max with owls gift Nick over from Lawrence Alex under the Christmas tree
Emily and her mom, Anna Cleve in his new Block Island hat Sarah, wrapped Laney and Shane, over from Kansas City Julie under wraps
Mary, in her crazy green sock Carl, in his high school era sweater Sophie strums banjo Sam and his Uncle Josh Carol, in a borrowed photo -- thanks, Nick! tree 2

food line 1 food line 2

First, We Eat
Cleve dumps trash
Alex and Laney
Sarah, Mary and Carl Cleve invites night watchman, Bill, to take a turn through the food line
Everyone EXCEPT Alex and CarolWe had a blizzard outsideSam and Christmas tree

Next, We Relax and Visit
Sarah GOES on the exercise bike SArah watches pool Emily sets up a shot Emily decides her strategy Opponent, Carl, decides his strategy Shane, Laney, Josh & Max listen to banjo music
Sherry helps Sam get a drink Sam Kids play the upright piano Max's new hearing device JuJu with grandma Sherry and great grandpa Max
Max smokes Julia 1 Josh and Sophie Great great grandpa Cleve and Sophie tree 3
Julia 2
Visiting 1 Visiting 2 Sam and Julia
The girls strum great uncle Stuart's banjo Sherry and the grandkids Jules wears pearls
tree 4 Max, Stuart and Emily All three triplets strum the banjo Jules in red stripped tights

Everybody Opens Presents
Julia and Sam open a gift Sam wears his new hard hat Sam drills his right ear -- batteries included Sam drills a chair
Sophie sands her nose Sophie and Sam check out toys Sophie in a new blanket Sophia tries a kazoo Sophie with Prince hand puppet Sophie with frog hand puppet
Emily admires Sarah's new shoes Sarah is black and white and red all over Sarah shows her new Grateful Dead t-shirt Emily with her 2010 Chicken Calendar Mary's gift is Christmas bells Cleve had to trade his Osage Orange turned vase
Grandpa Alex helps with toys Julia with Abby Cadabby Sherry babysits two Abby Cadabby's
More Relaxing...
Family listens as Stuart plays Max with his special owl gift Adults chat
Aftermath of gift opening
Sophia changes into her Christmas nightgownMom Laney helps both girls with their Christmas nightiespacked up to leave
Snuggie box, Stuart's giftStuart imparts his Christmas blessing
Snuggie 1Snuggie 2
Weather and Home, Christmas Day
Patio sawhorses Snow drift along patio door Christmas Eve parking during storm Cleve shows Stuart his new hat
Patio door 1 Patio door 2 Cat inspects pointsettia Cat and plant
tree 5 Max is master of his kitchen Special around-the-corner drift

All photos © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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tree 6tree 7