Yoho Christmas 2013

tree and giftsBasementChristmas treeMary and bangleBeau asleepLaney, Shane and JuliaJosh at the electronic keyboardPlates, curried pork and dessertsSalad, potatoes, ham, cheeseball, saladsSherry and many marvelous dessertsLayered salad, unmixedLaney mixes the saladFood line with Laney, Sophia, Sam and AlexJoel, Anna, Shane, Josh and AlexSarah, Adam, Joel and ShaneMax, Sophia, Julia, Sam and StuartNickYohos eating holiday supperEmily, Beau and Justintree and giftsCarol and her dad, CleveAnna, Sarah, Adam and GideonJeremy, Beau and Beau's dad, JustinEmily and youngest son, BeauJulia wrote her name in cursiveSam, Julia and Sophia (in blue hood) add to Christmas drawings on the white boardSophia draws on the white boardSarah and AdamJosh, Julia, Gideon and Sophia at the keyboardJosh, Sam, Julia and SophiaJoel, Sophia, Julia and SamBeau and JustinEmily, Beau and Christmas present giraffeJoel opens geodeJoel opens stiltsJosh with Christmas wrap aftermathPresents all revealedAlex attempts to construct a stiltAlex with stilt partsJosh helps Sam with new stiltsTrying their hands (and feet) on stilts in the basementSame on stitls 1Same on stilts 2Julia tries stilts with help of Grandpa AlexShane helps Sam while Alex helps JuliaSam comes at GideonWalking on stiltsGideon on stiltsAlex and JuliaJoel tries stiltsJulia and Grandpa AlexJosh, Sophia and Carl work on a puzzle of Sophia Puzzle goes togtherSam helps Jost with puzzle of SophiaLast puzzle piece is about to go in

All photos © 2013 by Carol Yoho
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