Angel topper B Angel tree topper Yoho Christmas 2014
Much of the Yoho Christmas took place at Thornton Place, Topeka, this year. Our thanks to Cleve Martin, Thornton resident and to the TP staff for a wonderful celebration. Our thanks, too, go to the Webster Family for a Christmas evening party at their home!Nick, Max, Sarah and Adam by the Thornton Place Christmas tree, Christmas Day

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North tableMiddle adult tableSouth adult tableJoel, Sam, Sophie and JuliaSunset, December 27, 2014Chairs moved east of the dining tablesMax chats with StuartGifts ready to be openedSophie with bow, Julia to her rightEmily helps son Beau with Thomas the Train bookJosh in knit hatJustin helps Beau open giftJeremy and GideonJoel is about to launch flying monkeyBeau and his GoCarSarah and Adam, with guitarAdam with holiday gift guitarStuart strums guitarMax stums Adam's guitarOlder relatives enjoy watching Beau playEmily and the balloon dogJustin watches Beau playMax strums, with Stuart listeningAnna and NickLined up on north side of the room, Thornton PlaceJulia with her decorated balloon dogAnna serves dessert treatsTreat trayJulia and Sophie watch Alex strum Adam's guitarSam with his dad, ShaneTara and JoshLaney and her mom, SherryOverview of our space reserved at Thornton PlaceCleve and CarolGideon and his cashJosh strums guitarJosh entertains Beau and Julia with Adam's guitarJulia and JoelGideon is proud to be taller than his Grandma AnnaBeau brandishes Max's caneSarah and AdamCarol and his chocolate treatsJoel loved his new microscopeSam and space gunLaney, Josh, Tara and MaxJulia sits on a stack of chairsSophie pokes Joel with her toy balloonJoel, Sam and JuliaGlisers about ready to head home

Christmas Celebration at the Webster Home
Cake from ChristinaFresh fruit gift from Cleve
Greg and toysChristina and socksMike and hatCleve and giftVera and puzzleNorth side of the living roomVera and Larry open giftsMark, Julie, Nick and Noel
All photos © 2014 by Carol Yoho
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