Christmas bellsYoho Family Christmas 2017

The Yohos celebrated early this year:
Sunday evening, Dec. 17, 2017

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Food Prep and Cleanup
Fresh from the ovenEmily made two as samples, and Joel made all the othersSophie with Santa Stuart Sberry with Santa StuartAlex awaits supper-lineSome dishes needed doing Sarah, who is now 21, tips a drink with Grandma CarolNick with Lynyrd Skynard t-shirt

Family Gathers and Relaxes
Joel wears his hat with Great Grandpa Max's suede jacketSam, Sophie, Julia and BeauSarah and McKynzieSarah and Yoho dogBeauGideon with his cousin Beau

Bringing on the Gifts
Eli and Christmas treeGifts are stacked by the treeJeremy is doing wellSophie shares phone-stuff with her dad, ShaneBeau in Santa's hatStuart makes a GOOD SantaBeau aims his pop-gun at Great-uncle AlexAlex in Santa's hatRow of Gisers watch for present-deliveryAlex takes some photosGideon delivers giftsCarol is surprised with a gift from NickNick's gift is a Monty Python t-shirtLeft-over gift wrap

Most Gifts have been Opened
Gideon behind table of open gifts
Coffeetable of opened gifts and foodSarah wears her new owl-slipperSam and his Uncle JoshSam and his Uncle Josh BJeremy rubs the dog's tummyStuart jumps in to wash dishesBeau plays with Play DooDay after party, just between Stuart's 60th and Anna's 64th birthdays

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SPECIAL EVENT: Christmas Day 2017 @ the Websters
Mickey Mouse is ready to partyWebster family, except VeraVera and her bath accessoiriesChristina's Christmas socksGreg and his Star Wars mugLarry unwraps his new vaccum sweeperChristina S. and her new braceletMike's Christmas stockingCarol and NallaLarry feeds the fireplaceChristmas fireThe rubber chicken has some brocholli and dipView of the deck through the living room windowSun setting across the pondCloser view of pond waterSetting up the digitized video from 196750 years ago, Vera and Larry's wedding videoVideo of the St. Louis Arch, Summer 1967Mike puts together the new vaccum sweeperGreg demonstrates his mom's new yard lightGreg's Grumpy bird feederChristina brought dessert, a Yule LogVera's veggie dip, with fresh veggiesNalla waits patiently for ham rindNalla's behind

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