Yoho Christmas, 2018

Christmas in 2018 was celebrated over several days in several places.
- Goofy Gifts
- w/ Glisers on The Plaza, K.C.
- Christmas Lunch @ Vera & Larry's
- Dog Fixation: Nalla
- Day-after Supper @ Stuart & Anna's
- Special Pre-Christmas Link-ups
- Holiday Skies

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Some Goofy Family Gifts
Alex with Abby Road boxersNick with Sgt. Pepper boxersStuart's new bottle-openerStuart with new bottle openerAnna with East Indian lounge-pantsRabbit pin for SophieTriplet Christmas gifts Speical photo for Nick, in uniform with his dad

Christmas Eve -- Supper on The Plaza w/ the Glisers
Supper with GlisersAlex as SantaBRIO Tuscan GrilleThe Plaza, lit for Christmas AThe Plaza, lit for Christmas BThe Plaza, lit for Christmas C

Christmas Lunch & Gifts at Vera & Larry's
Dining room table set-up -- note wild rice
Carol's Christmas dinnerNew Christmas treeSocks along the mantleVera with snowmanLarry with Kansas State coffee mugGreg, Christina S, Mike and ChristinaChristina mesmerized by lit-mirrorGreg & Mike start construction of gift of TV tables
Dog Fixation: Nalla
Nalla, dog of Christina S and GregNalla BNalla CNalla DNalla E

Day After Christmas, Supper & Gifts @ Stuart & Anna's
Gifts on the tableTreats on the tableStuart's world-famous chilliSarahJoel, Nick and BeauGideon's friend, McKenzie, Joel and NickBeau, his unopened gifts and Grandma AnnaBeau opens a giftJeremy and his lovely pet dogSarah helps Beau with a giftNick and his deer coffee cupMcKenzie and her rose-bottleGideon with his new drinking cupEli and his Allen Field House wood panelBeau inspects Eli's giftJoel snapped this photo of Carol and StuartBeau whispers to GideonGideon and BeauDog, Gideon and his dad, JeremyBeau with Eli and Eli's dog

Special Pre-Christmas Link-ups:

Visit with Bestie, Patti, with duo-cups and stop in NOTO
Patti pours wineCarol and Patty, "Besties"Patti with our new mugs, made by ErikaWine tote
Patina, pet cat at Rusty Haggles, NOTOWinter NOTO banner by Carol Winter banner in NOTO by Carol B

Meeting Santa at Pizagels, with neighbors, on Christmas Eve Morning
Santa at Pizagels with neighbors, Christmas Eve morningSAnta at PizagelsSanta and Coca-Cola

Holiday Skies
Sunset ASunset BDaylight and Christmas lights

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