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Yoho Family Christmas 2017
Yoho Family Christmas 2017

  Carol with Cats Puzzle, August, 2016 Robot head with Carol and Pattii A Robot head with Carol and Pattii B
Stacation —Carol does 1000-piece cat/books puzzle, which was bigger the the coffee table she worked on!
  Brookwood buisiness robot art Robot head with Carol and Pattii A Robot head with Carol and Pattii B    
Patti Meade treated Carol to supper out @ Boss Hawg's for her 2016 birhtday
  Carol with bison puzzle Carol, New Year's puzzle 2016 Yoho Christmas 2015    
Carol's bison puzzle 2016
Carol's New Year's puzzle 2016
Carol grew nails Carol, scarf, Eleanor Emily, Beau and Justin, Halloween 2015 Carol Zombie Max didn't do it Selfie at Mulvane Art Museum
Carol grew fingernails!
Carol, scarf & Eleanor
Halloween 2015
Max didn't do it!
Reflection at Muvane Art Museum
Joel likes Albert Einstein Birthday lunch at Thornton Place 2015 Birthday gifts Carol, gift from Nick Max's Zac Brown t-shirt
Joel & Albert Einstein
Birthday lunch at Thornton Place
Birthday gifts!
Gifts from Nick
Cleve at Thornton Place, July, 2015 Cleve and Carol at Thornton, July 2015 Dog A Anna and Dog B Joel is nearly as tall as his grandma  
Cleve at Thornton fountain
Cleve & Carol at Thronton Place
Dog A
Anna and Dog B
Joel is nearly as tall as his grandma
Joel & toy Beau and Thomas Train Yoho Christmas 2014 Carol's 2014 Christmas puzzle
Joel and his toy
Beau / Thomas Train
Carol's 2014 Christmas puzzle
  Thanksgiving 2014, McKenzie, Nick, Sarah, Adam and Max The dog is happy Smiling Max and Carol Triplets 8th birthday
  Thanksgiving 2014 w/ Nick and family
The dog is happy.
Everyone is happy.
Triplets' 8th birthday
Dad with birthday balloons, age 94 Dad circles 94 Bluegrass Gypsies, Sept. 7, 2014 Cleve with Roberta and Curtis Watts, Sept. 1, 2014
Dad cekebrates birthday #94 with balloons from Websters & marking poem.
Bluegrass Gypsies perform at Ensley Gardens
Cleve with Roberta & Curtis Watts
Carol's Birthday Cale Duo-Birthdays Sarah Graduates, 2014 Sarah's 18 Nick, Adam, Sarah and Max on Easter Sunday, 2014
Carol's Cake from Smiths Max/Carol Duo-Birthday Sarah Graduates, 2014
Sarah's 18th Birthday
Easter 2014: Nick, Adam, Sarah, Max
Dad's April bouquet In memory of Lois Repp Max at Paisanos Supposedly speghetti with pesto sauce. Had not had it in cream sauce before. Mine was supposed to be angel hair pasta with white sauce and sauteed mushrooms. It was regular speghetti underneath the sauce, but tasty.
Dad's April bouquet
In loving memory of Lois Repp
Max and I went out to dinner, March 25, 2014. Pasta. Yum.
  Beau celebrates first birthday Cleve Martin on stilts Alex, Yoho Chirstmas 2013 Thanksgiving meal at Thornton Place, November 2013
Beau celebrates first birthday
Cleve Martin on stilts, 1967 Max, Nick & Cleve at Thornton Place, Thanksgiving luncheon, 2013.
Dad talks about WWII experience Crowd at University United Methodist Church, Topeka Stuart sings solor, "Hesitation Bllues"
Dad talks with a large crowd about his military experiences during WWII. Speakers also included Carl Nordstrom & Marion Culver.
Emily & Justin Coffman
Friday, October 25, 3013
Special dining room, Thornton Place Julia and Carol dining at Thornton Place Catfish, potatoes and acorn sqauash The triplet enjoy the view to the east through Thornton windows
View from Cleve's deck, third floor, Thornton Enjoying Cleve's stuff, bedroom dresser Julia and cupcake Sam, Sophia and cupcakes Stuart sings solor, "Hesitation Bllues"
Cleve celebrated birthday #94 in October. Alex, Laney and the triplets had their first visit with Cleve at Thornton Place in celebration.
Classic Bean, Fairlawn Plaza The Cows play live Stuart Yoho on banjo Stuart sings solor, "Hesitation Bllues"
The Cows play live at The Classic Bean, Friday, August 2, 2013. Right: Stuart solos on "Hesitation Blues." Fantastic!
Joel and Art, Washburn University Max having vision check Max and great grandson, Beau Coffman Josh graduates with his Masters degree from Kansas State U. Beau Coffman
Joel and art from "Science & Art Camp" Max, having his vision checked by Dr. Beier. Amazing technology! Max and great grandson Beau Josh Yoho, MFA, magna cum laude
December 8, 2012
Welcome Beau Allen Coffman, son of Emily & Justin, born 1-22-2013.
Sophia, photographer Carol and Max Yoho, December 2012 Emily's baby shower Sam and pumpkin, Thanksgiving 2012 Triplets sixth birthday celebration  
Carol and Max, December, 2012 Emily's baby shower Thanksgiving 2012  
Curtis, Roberta and sheltie, Angel Curtis, Carol, Roberta Max chats with Curt and Roberta Roberta, Curtis and Angel outside the trailer
Carol and Max visit Curtis, Roberta and Angel Watts, Carol's cousins from Great Bend who visited Topeka in their trailer.
Cleve, plus skeleton Dad circles 92 on his decade poem Cleve, Father's Day 2012 Carol just outside Mulvane Art Center 16 happy years Lewis Morris and Josh Yoho
Cleve, plus skeleton
Cleve circles "92" on his decade poem.
Cleve on Father's Day 2012
Max & Carol enjoyed visiting Mulvane Art Center, Jun. 2012
Max and I finally remembered to celebrated our 16th wedding
a nniversary
, at Paisano's
--four days late!
"1776" production, with Lewis Morris and Josh Yoho.
Max visits Colony, Sept. 2011 Yoho Christmas 2011 Cleve and Thornton Place Christmas tree Thanksgiving 2011
Happy Easter, 2012
Max visits downtown Colony,
September, 2011
Cleve with Thornton tree
Thanksgiving 2011
Pumpkin carnage
Julia, Sam and Sophie as Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Mouseketeers Carol birthday box, closed green earrings
Julia/Sam/Sophie as
Julia/Sam/Sophie are five.
Mouseketeer birthday bash
In July 2011 Carol got a REALLY NEAT handmade birthday card from her long-time friend, Patti Meade.
Carol in earrings, birthday gift from friend Norrol.
Joel as a bee Anna, Eli, Emily, ____ and Joel Joel in the chorus line. He knew his lines and spoke clearly.
Max and Eleanor's birthday 2011 Sarah and family after recognition program
Joel enjoyed his summer theatre course at Helen Hocker Theatre in Gage Park. He played a bee. Family enjoyed his performance.
Sarah & Emily bake baklava with Grandpa Max
Birthdays: Max, 77. Eleanor 1.
Sarah recognized
West Jr. High School
Cleve at Thornton Place Max Yoho and 2011 Arty Award, Arts Connect Max at Wendy's Gideon is 10 Mom's Kleendex box  
Cleve @ Thornton Place. Here he's off to work @ Washburn University.
Max Yoho with his 2011 "Arty"
"Distinguished Literary Artist"
My Sweetie at Wendy's. Hurray!
Gideon's 10th Birthday
Mom died in '91. Dad has moved 3 times since then. Just came across Mom's Kleendex box!
Max jammin' 1 Stuart is in charge Jam session, New Year's Eve 2011 Sophia and Julia twirl to the music Julia, Sophia and Sam with Santa, Dec. 2010
Max and Stuart jam at the 2011 New Year's Eve party, Gary and Deb Bisel's home. Loved it!
Julia, Sophia and Sam with Santa, Dec. 2010
Bubbles Cleve with plaque and clock etching honors 32 years of service Gideon and Jeremy Joel, no flash Joeltron 6000 Emily, Jake and Joel
Sophia, Sam & Julia
Dad was honored in November 2010 for 32 years of service to his local VFW...surprised and pleased
Gideon in riot gear
with Jeremy
Joel, no flash
Joeltron 6000
Emily, Jake & Joel
Great Grandpa Max reads Cat in the Hat Thanksgiving 2010 Carol and Max at Hasting's book signing, Nov. 7, 2010 Sam, Alex, Sophia, Julia, Sherry Cleve Martin celebrates 90 years
Great grandpa Max reads Cat in the Hat
Hasting's book signing, Sun., Nov. 7, Topeka
Triplets celebrate 4th birthday
Cleve celebrates
90th birthday
First Prize, Visit Topeka photo contest Stuart plays with High Falutin' String Band Cleve and his new Chevy Aveo
Gideon's dad, Jeremy, is home from Egypt
Fathers Day Swim, 2010 Dad on Father's Day 2010
Carol and prize-winning VisitTopeka photo,
Warehouse 414
Stuart plays with
High Falutin' String Band
Cleve and his new 2010 Chevy Aveo
Jeremy is home from active duty,
Dad on Father's Day 2010
Carol with birthday bling Cleve, Nick and Max Cleve and the Easter cake Lamb cake as chocolate  
Carol with birthday bling.
(Thanks, Smiths!)
Celebrating Easter 2010 with Max Yoho
Cleve REALLY liked the cake!
Lamb Easter Cake
Gideon is 9 Sam and Santa balloon hat. Ho, ho. ho. Sophie and balloon hat Julia and balloon hat Sarah, as a daisy, with her Grandpa Max
Gideon's 9th birthday
Sam, Sophie and Jules were in town with their mom and grandparents. We all ate out at Red Robin and the kids all got balloon hats. Marvelous time. Thanks, Alex and Sherry! 3-10 Sarah --daisy in Through the Look-
ing Glass
Carol and owl puzzle, Dec. 2010 Yoho Christmas 2009 Thanksgiving 2009 Nick & Aram Triplets are pirates
Carol & owl puzzle
Nick & Aram, 10-09
Triplets Halloween, 10-09

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Triplet Blog !!!
Max and Rosemary
Chance Yoho
Uncle Eli with Joel

Eli's new puppy,
, a
Miniature Pinscher.

left: Uncle
Eli w/ Joel

Norm, Frank & Max YohoNorm Yoho, Frank Yoho,
MaxYoho at Yoho Reunion, Burlington, KS Sept. 2001
Yoho boys, circa 1939

Front row: Norm Yoho, Frank Yoho, MaxYoho
Back row: ?, Charles Yoho, Steve Yoho, Roy Jones
Photo was taken in Neosho Falls, perhaps in 1939.

Cousins Norman, Frank and Max YohoOn Labor Day weekend 2001 we attended a Yoho family reunion in Burlington, KS. Max was reintroduced to cousins Norman and Frank, grandchildren of his grandfather, George Yoho's, brother, John. Norman's father was Alfred, Frank's father was William, sons of John. Max's father was Lloyd and his grandfather was George, brother of John. George and John's father was Benjamin, the common ancestor, buried at Toronto, KS.

Norman, Frank are first cousins, and regularly attended Yoho reunions. Max, Norman and Frank were all born in 1934. (Frank passed away in May 2004.)

Max last attended a Yoho reunion in Neosho Falls in 1939, when all three boys were around five years of age. Max found the black and white photo above, which he believes is from that event.

more YohosThe photo at left is of Barbara Patterson Barnes (daughter of Vella Yoho Patterson), Donna Yoho (daughter of Lloyd Yoho, and Max's sister) and Mary Lee Yoho (daughter of Alva "Shack" Yoho). These girls are first cousins.Max Yoho and his Civil War sword

Barbara now lives in Iola. (We also visited with Mary Lee, who still lives on a farm very close to Neosho Falls, but I didn't take a photo. Sorry.) Donna died many years ago.


The photo at right, Max Yoho, taken during the celebration of the centennial of the founding of Topeka (Dec. 1856), shows Max in a frock coat borrowed from a friend Tecumseh, a hat he doesn't even remember, a G.A.R. pin, and Max's Civil War era sword. The photo reflects his love of history, particularly Civil War and it's edged weapons.

All photos © 2002-20014 by Carol Yoho
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