THIS PHOTO ESSAY covers the time leading to and extending beyond the deep personal losses of my father, Cleve Martin, and husband, Max Yoho. These men, dearest in my heart, died a short twelve-days-apart in April, 2017.

My losses are shown here to be balanced by the love and support of community, friends and, especially, my dear family. Another help in my coping with these losses was the conscience joys I felt with the arrival of another Kansas spring session.

Heartfelt thanks are extended here to those who’ve been involved with my life in these difficult times...

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Early March, Spring begins
Dad with finished puzzle bookstree trunk, TSCPLno leaves out yetweathered tree trunk, Thornton Place, Topekaweathered tree trunk B, Thornton Place, Topekasunrise, Quail Creek neighborhoodearly daffodilsearly tree bloomsheavy winds blow everyone's trash cans into our drivewayDad in the lift chair he used for only a weekDad's med listTracking weight through dialysis

Mar. 22, 2017: Hospital stays begin
crabapple blossoms near Cotton-O'Neal buildingmagnolia blossoms A, Quail Creekmagnolia blossoms B, Quail Creekmagnolia blossoms A, Quail CreekStormont-Vail cafeteria, eveningpear tree blooms A, night timepear tree blooms B, night timefresh tree blossomscrabapple blossoms, Cotton-O'Neil treeView of Kansas Capitol dome, east view from Max's room windowMax, in the heart wing, Stormont-Vailpatio area, Stormont cafeteriacrabapple blossoms, Stormont-Vailpear tree blossoms plus Capitol domecrabapple blossoms, with rain cloudsCarol wearing C Dif protection apparelsticky Asticky Bsticky CMoss on tree limbsHeavy rock

Capitol view from Stormont-Vail, Stormont view from St. Francis
Capitol view ACapitol view BRainy day at St. Francis, seen from Dad's roomCapitol view CRainy day seen from Max's room, Stormont-VailCapitol view DInhallerAnna and Stuart visit MaxCafeteria patio from indoorsDowntown Topeka in storm cloudsCapitol in storm cloudsCapitol in fogPlastic throw-away items

Cleve is sent to Midland House hospice care
Birds display, Midland House ABirds display, Midland House BBirds display, Midland House CBirds display, Midland House DMidland set up for EasterPond at Penwell-Gabel CemeteryMallard ducksTulip time at Dove CrematoriumBlue sky through cloudsFull springBlooming treePear tree blooms APear tree blooms BPear tree blooms CPear tree bloom close-upFallen flower pedals and leafFallen flower petals about bloomsFallen blooms and leaves left behindTree leaves have popped out

Max is sent home with Great Lakes hospice care
Quail Creek pear tree bloomsQuail Creek bloomsmagnolia blossoms A, Quail CreekMike Kelly walks his dogsCorner rocksNick tends his dadMax and Eleanor RigbyDessert provided by neighbor NancyAlex and extended family visit MaxLone backyard tulipWoodpileSparrow near Quail CreekFalg at half-staff

Cleve Martin dies Mon., Apr. 10, 2017: newspaper obituary / Davidson Funeral Home obituary
Laid to rest at Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS, on Fri., Apr. 14, 2017
Portorfield Casket SprayFuneral path to Steward CemeteryParked north of GateParked south of gate Where Dad will be put to restCasket under tentAmong mourners are Don Martin and Stuart YohoRichard Martin stands beside the stone of his great great grandfather's graveFamily visits near stones of those dear to themHonoring Uncle Chris and Aunt MildredJosh Yoho records images to make slide showMany Martin relatives wander in the cemeteryMartins mourn family lostDad awaiting intermentSteward Cemetery flagLovely floral displayInterment box waits at west end of dirt road by cemetery gateSandi Smith stayed with Max while family attended Dad's funeralRed rose from Dad's casket wreath

Next Steps, moving out of Thornton Place
Hearts bowl, made of metalCarol's 60s bedroom setBedroom set chest of drawersSony 32-inch flat screen televisionPink lounge chair was junkedLift chair used about 10 days before Dad left for the hospitalHat stand and pole lampDesk went to Sarah YohoMicrowave ovenKitchen table and two chairsSony CRT televisionJoel, Stuart, Anna and Nick hang out at Thornton Place2010 Chevy AveoDad's shears, sharpened by Alex

Max never saw this homemade metalsmith masterpiece on Antique Roadshow
Custom-designed birdhouse and aquarium -- the planCustom-designed birdhouse and aquarium -- the objectCustom-designed birdhouse and aquarium -- detail

Losing Max: Sat., Apr. 22, 2017, 4:05 p.m.
Nick and Stuart wait bedsideAnna, Sherry and Alex wait bedsideAlex hugs Max's broken-hearted granddaughter Sarah Great Lakes Hospice nurse checks out photos from Max's life with grandson JoshAnna, Alex and Sherry chat with staff who came to remove Max to Penwell-GabelMax's photos with clock that stopped when Max passedMax's empty hospital bed by the front room window

Coping and Planning: Read newpaper obituary & cjOnline special article
Porterfield flowers from Norrol and Nolan SmithSmith flowers with EleanorHugh display of lovely flowers from SmithsPenwell-Gabel crematoriumDoes the spirit leave here to ascend to Heaven?Heat and mayhemPurple irises one day too late for Max to enjoyPurple irisThree cars all needed parking spacesNice suprise, a trip to Topeka Civic Theatre with neighbor Millie Hodges to see To Kill a MockingbirdAgain, Norrol's lovely flowersFlowers close upHugs and Kisses found at the Yoho doorstepEleanor with Max's obituary from the Topeka Capital-JournalYoho living oom with the rugs re-setTwo of the kalidascopes Max designed and built, plus Nick's wooden cat and Grandpa Christenberry's plaster dogVery thoughtful article by Angela Dines in the Topeka Capital-Journal, spurred by Morgan Chilson

Spring has sprung
IrisiesIrises and wildflowersNew green tree leavesMosre wildflowers

Max's Penwell-Gabel Obituary —with links to video of entrie memorial service and Max's life-photos

Max's Memorial Service, Mon., May 1, 2017, plus Reception
Left-over cookiesMax and sons, with beards, and flower spraysPenwell-Gabel social areaMax with double-bell euphonium, a photo by David LeikerI didn't do it t-shirt and flowersMug, awards, wood-and-metalworkGrandpa Christenberry's guitarCarol and Max, photo by Alex Yoho, with flower spraysGift flowers from David PorterfieldFlowers from June WindscheffelFlowers from Kevin Wilson familyFlowers from Mary and Mike PetersFlowers from Barbara LermaFlowers from Duffens employeesDisplay of photos from Max's special lifeChapel stained glass windowFront, east wall of chapelUrn of Max's ashed, with Urn wreath from Porterfield'sHandmade paper ashes urnWidow, Carol, touches urn with ashesSherry Yoho and son, Josh, and daughter, Laney, touches urn with ashesJoel, his mom, Emily, with SarahGideon tickles his cousin, BeauJoel, Sam and ShaneWhen everything was over the sky had cleared and was bright blue

Family supper out at Blind Tiger
Overview of seating AOverview of seating BOverview of seating COverview of seating ADSherry, Josh and AlexBlind Tiger foodJoel bites his sandwichStuart offers up a toast of Good Will and LoveJustin, Emily, Eli and JeremyStuart gives his daughter, Emily, a love-hugStuart commends EliStuart gives his son, Jeremy, a hugAlice and Bernie, good friends of StuartSupperSherry and Anna are good friends as well as sisters-in-lawJeremy and his son, GideonYoho brothers, Alex, Stuart and Nick

Groping and regrouping
Carol emptied out her dad's apartment, with lots of help from familySouth view from deck behind Apt. 312Deck railing, Apt. 312Eleanor and David's bouquetDavid's exotic bouquetYono's rate peach iris FINALLY bloomsPens Dad saved includes some at least 29 years old, labeled by MomSome of Dad's pencils looked NEWEleanor just outside the patio doorEleanor misses her grandfatherEleanor heads back indoorsEleanor looks back outside through the patio doorSpring flowersMore spring flowersRobin at NOTO Arts Center, North TopekaDead bird on sidewalk just outside the Columbian Building, SW 6th St., TopekaDisplay inside Kansas Humanities Council office includes Keaton Celebration Carol designed over many yearsCleve's spiffy golf shoes, with cleatsThe Talons Max longed to smoke since August 2014Thoughtful father

Midland Hospice Care Memory-Walk honors loved-ones, Fri., May 12, 2017
Tents and sidewalk, Memory WalkMonarch butterfly awaits releaseCelebrating Memory WalkOne monarch pauses on a child's finger after releaseCarol releases her monarchMonarch regroups before leavingAnother monarch restsClose-up of monarch at restMonarch on follage beside sidewalkGentleman with monarch adornmentToddler with wingsChild attracts two monarchsPansiesCleve Martin's luminary and chalk messagesTopeka High School drum corpTopeka High School drum corp BWalkers at duskDrum corp packs upWalkers at duskCleve Martin's candle brightens at duskWalking away

Sunset on the Kansas River, Fri., May 12, 2017
Sunset on the Kansas River ASunset on the Kansas River BSunset on the Kansas River CSunset on the Kansas River DSunset on the Kansas River EMarsh near river AMarsh near river B

Stuart takes over the 1996 Toyota Tacoma with only 66,000 miles on itCar keysLunch at Lonnie's Barbeque with Bill ShafferBill brought ChrysanthemumPurples iris and pink flowersSingle purple irisBird hits window, dies and is swept away by peregrine falconMess left on the window, with hit sounding like a gun shotRoses on Mike Kelly's garden gate ARoses on Mike Kelly's garden gate BCarols new hammockCarol as a shadow of her former selfSunset on the Kansas River DSunset on the Kansas River D

Decorating graves prior to Memorial Day
Muddy side road, a favoriteDad is interred, with his death date on the stoneMums at back of stone, and flowers set in frontA look west at Steward Cemetery from Martin sectionRoadside wild flowersHonoring J.J. Groshong at Meriden Cemetery -- father of Anna Groshong MartinHonoring Carters, Yohos and Christenberrys at Mt. Hope Cemetery

VFW honors Cleve and other American veterans at Steward Cemetery, Memorial Day, Mon., May 29, 2017
Standing at attentionSpeaking in honor of the fallen veteransFiring a volley of shotsPlaying tapsPicking up spent shellsUncle Bob checks out one rifle

More adapting...
Fireplace woodEleanor is outside againDramatic sunsetVery old rubber chicken fell apartMax wanted to read this, but didn't get it from the library in time to even startVoodoo Goodyear doll, fresh rubber chicken and vintage small rubber chickenFresh pine needles and skyNeighborhood colorful lightbulbsGrandma Maybelle Semans Miller on Washburn University Women's display, Mabee LibraryA look inside Max's urn at ashesClose-up of Max's ashesEleanor with molded cat friendFront yard blooming bushGolden lily AGolden lily BCalla LilyOther neighborhood flowers AOther neighborhood flowers BOther neighborhood flowers COther neighborhood flowers DJazz performance, Mulvane Art Fair 2017 AJazz performance, Mulvane Art Fair 2017 BJazz performance, Mulvane Art Fair 2017 CJazz performance, Mulvane Art Fair 2017 DLavender, Washburn campus

Max's interment, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Mon., Jun. 5, 2017
Max's work bootsAlex invites family to toast MaxMax's urn and memoribiliaA toast to Max YohoA toastSam, Sophie, Julia and Joel all made art to leave in the urn caseAlex added a fresh red rose to the urn caseCarol added Goodyear voodoo dolls, some pins, a rubber chicken and a love note to her dear husbandSome drinks and grape juice remainedAlex read a fitting poemMany family hands touched Max's urn in a loving farewellYohos love and will miss their patriarch, photo by Shane GliserA purple iriis in the holeRick, from Mt. Hope staff, prepares the case sealOne last look at the urn and artifactsCase from center of tentCase sprinkled with earthStuart blows some holy smoke into the interment spaceSherry and LaneySam and ShaneGlisers with Uncle JoshJeremy with Beau's dancing flowerAlex shakes out tabacco, a gift from RickRick's tabacco to be sprinkled into the grave holeJulia smells tabaccoSherry smells tabaccoSam smells tabaccoAlex thanks Rick for his magical surprise giftJoel pauses at grave openingBeau and Joel at grave openingYoho marker, where Max joins the cremated remains of his first wife, Rosemary, photo by Shane GliserJoel dropped in some shiny penniesStuart talks with RickSarah contemplates her grandfather's grave, photo by Shane Gliser

Family lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's
Max's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribiliaMax's urn and memoribilia

Photos © 2017 by Carol Yoho
Three photos shared by Shane Gliser
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