Thanksgiving Celebration 2009, North Kansas City, Missouri
New Place
new houseback corner, looking from the swingsetbackyard looking from sunny spacekitchen conversation
staircase landingthis is livingBIG televisiontriplets with Grandparents Gliser
Our main cooks, food was outstanding
Good Food
JuliaCleve, Sam, Alex, Sherry, ShaneMax with asparagus
Lorraine, Mike, Cleve, Sam, Alex, ShaneLaney, Sherry, JoshNick and Sarah
Lorraine and MikeSophieSamSam, againkitchen side of the tableLaney, Julia, Shane
Warm Family
triplets build train track with Grandpa Alex's helpSam loves trainsLaney lights a central candleJosh and Sophia
More buildingJoshLaney and Sam
Cleve at swingCleve swingsMax and Nick on deckkitchen chat
sharing dessert still our Sarah Sarah, Christmas dinner 2001 Sarah 2009

All photos © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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