Giving Thanks 2011

Entry has needed baby-carrier and kids' shoesJosh, Julia, Sam and Jackson in the play-spaceJackson rests on an inflatable kid-weinerHoliday resting as family arrivesNewest family member is Lola Hope
Newly remodeled fireplaceSarah and green highlghtsBobby and LolaDog competition of televisionKids' table with handmade holiday decorations

Plenty of soda-popSome of the many main dishesWarm rollsCranberry sauceAlex checks his sliced turkey
Kids' table has Jackson, Sophia, Madeline and JuliaSecond turkey carcassTossed-aside coversCleve is first in lineSherry, Lori, Carol S. and Max
Nick, Sarah, Lori, Shane, LaneyLaney, Lori, Bobby, JoshSarah, Nick, Shane, Laney, JacksonJade rests a hurt left legCarol S. Lance and part of Sherry
Lance, Jade, Shane, Carol, Lori, BobbyAlex, Josh and SherryNickSarah and her dadSarah, Carol S. and Cleve rest and digestSophia as a reindeer
Lori and LolaSam and Jackson watch televisionNewlyweds, Jade and LanceBobby and daughter LolaGrandpa Alex with Julia

Sarah takes the first turnLaney, Jade and Lance watchCleve, Josh, Julia and Lori watchShane assists JacksonShane assists Sam
Sophia, Julia and Jackson watchShane assists Sophie Shane assists JuliaShane assists MadelineJosh takes a swingJosh's follow-throughBobby stands ready
Bobby takes a swingLance takes is positionLance takes a swingJackson retrieves a pumpkin partJade waits for Madeline to moveJade takes her positionJackson lobs a pumpkin part to Lance
Sam and a pumpkin topFront yard overviewSam and Jackson pick up piecesLaney stands readyLaney 2Jackson pitches to Laney
Winging down the pumpkin-heavingCarol's self-portraitAftermath of pumpkin carnageSophia goes shoes, outdoors on Thankgiving, an unsually mild dayFront porch catcus

Sophia uses toy drill
Alex cuddles with Lola and JuliaSome dessertsCakle disguised as a turkeyKids enjoy dessert

Sun sets as we head home to Topeka

All photos © 2012 by Carol Yoho
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