Triplets 11th Birthday, October, 2017

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First Step: Opening gifts
Sam & SophieFriend, Sam, Sophie, FirendSophiaAdults watchGrandpa Alex takes photos while Grandma Sherry watches
Fiddling with camera filters:
Cards at fireplaceGrandpa Alex with blue stuff
Admiring gifts and pets:
Alex and SherryJulia and pet rat APet ratJulia and friend on electronic rollersShane with toy
The cakes:
Sam's cake, Sophie's cake, Julia's cakeNames in glitterSam's cake, Sophie's cake, Julia's cakeJulia smirks, with lighter
Sam's cake time:
Sam and cake ASam and cake BSam and cake CSam and cake DSam blows
Julia's cake time:
Julie's cake AJulie's cake BJulie's cake CJulie's cake DJulia blows AJulia blows B
Sophie's cake time:
Sophie's cake ASophie's cake BSophie's cake CSophie's cake DSophie blows ASophie blows BChat
After cake:
Sophie at tableAll kids at tableSophie shares her point-of-viewGift left-overs
Small white pet dogHuskie pet dog

All photos © 2017 by Carol Yoho
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