Sam, Alex, Sophia, Julia, and Sherry Birthday balloons and white board
Great grandma Carol Schultz

Our triplets celebrate their Fourth Birthday
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Guys talk
Jade and Lance are engaged Gathering food for lunch Max and lunch Cleve and lunch
cookies cupcakes lunchtime accident kids eat outdoors
Open Gifts      
Jules opens gift Sophia opens gift Sophia looks at birthday card Triplets begin to open gifts
watching gift opening event strewn wrapping paper the adults relish the fun Sophia and her new clock
Lance helps with fish Triplets meet their new pets Fish as First Pets
Sophie has help from Uncle Josh
Julia's princess fish Sophia and friend admire the blue fish Sam's fish is red Sophia feed her fish for the first time
Pouring in fish tank water Sam feeds his fish for the first time Sam's fish, mid-afternoon Sam has help moving his fish into its bowl
Kids 'n' Cake
Sophia and her birthday cake Sophia blows out candles Julia had her candles out FAST Sam and his birthday cake
Sam eats birthday cake Sophia eats birthday cake Julia eats birthday cake Julia peels her cupcake free of wrap
Playing with Stuff
Kids earn stars Sam plays with his train toys Visitor friends play with toys Jules tries on her ruby slippers
Sam plays Julia is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz while Sophia is Tinkerbelle Max steips onto the deck
Sam's red fish
Poncho watches Stuart and Poncho Anna and Poncho Cleve sits with Poncho Poncho in his Halloween sweater

All photos © 2010 by Carol Yoho
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