Triplets are Six, October 2012

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Setting up the partyCrapepaper and balloonsFamily and friend congregate at Carousel facility, Gage ParkLaney, the mom, makes it happen
Super Mario Brothers birthday cakeCake detailsWall near the gift tableSix cookies
Grandma Sherry and Grandpa AlexCarol Schultz shows off her Texas familyGreat grandma LoisChattingGary Schultz brought his momGreat great grandpa Cleve
Great grandpa MaxAlex, Stuart, Justin, Anna, EmilyLorraine, Mike, Stuart and AnnaJusting, Emily, Carl and Mary
Sam and Julia were newly sixCousins play as dad, Shane, watchesCousin JoelJosh, Gideon and Joel
Parker carousel is over one years oldParty-goer having funSophia having funJulia whirling
Grinning friendsCarousel horses are wearing Halloween costumesMother Goose seatBirthday greeting on the cake
Laney shows Sophie her birthday cakeSophia, Sam and Julia prepare to puffFour candles out, two to be dowsed
Jules and cakeSophie and cookieFriends enjoy birthday cakeLittle to big, Julia, Gideon and Uncle Josh
Starting in on the gift openingOpen 1Open 2
Open 3Open 4Open 5Open 6
Julia opens giftSam opens giftSophia opens giftAftermath
Cool kid shoesLeaving the sceneJosh reads neice Julia her birthday card
Mary and CarolAlex and his dad, MaxMax does his song and danceCleve plays balloon with the kids
Balloons gathered up, resting against the ceilingGifts packaged to take home
October moon as last light
Three are six

All photos © 2012 by Carol Yoho
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