Trip to Atlanta, Georgia, June 2010



long-term parking, Wichita, KS, airport crusing over farmland Travel from Wichita
The start of the trip was quiet, but we ran into rough weather and were delayed in landing. Better safe than sorry.
getting into unsettled weather plane wing and turbulance backups at the Atlanta airport upon arrival
Downtown Atlanta
downtown dancers at Sun Trust dancers 2 Carnegie columns Hyatt sculpture
spire skyscrapers Peachtree Center tall buildings, downtown Atlanta
view from the street view from the skywalk cylinder building cylinder building, different time and day

Marriott Marquis
Atlanta is a BIG CITY. I was mesmorized by our hotel.
looking down from the 12th floor
elevator near ground levelcentral atrium goes 47 floors

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drive-up entrance, Marriott Marquis
pebbles at the base of the elevators
looking at the atrium level
conference room rug
looking down at levels and elevatorsanother view up the tower
skyscrappers seen through dome at duskcurved staircase and levels
LWV reception, pre-banquet, Monday night  I traveled to the 2010
  League of Women Voters
  national convention.
  Left: a reception at
  atrium level.
lion series 2 lion series 1 lion series 3 lion series 4
Metropolitan Life
resting Leaguers, N.C., N.C., TX, NM owner and host, Haveri Indian Resturant, Atlanta waitree places an order, Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta
skywalk deep escaltor outdoor staircase downtown busker
Longer hours, but closed on Sunday Hard Rock Gift Shop Hard Rock corner carriage ride
special room rate was still expensive Ernestine shares her peach pie dessert last luncheon, Kansas delegates Gwen and Ann wait for MARTA public train Carol in MARTA train
Homeward Bound
Take off was 2 hours late because of stormy weather finally above the clouds on landing path, Wichita, KS
More volitile weather kept us stuck on the tarmac at the Atlanta airport for 2 hours. Weather cleared as we neared Wichita. Kansas landscape is bland when compared to Atlanta, but...
on landing path 2
Sunset in Kansas, almost Summer Solstice
...sunsets are lovely.

All photos © 2010 by Carol Yoho
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