Lubbock, Texas [page title]
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cowboy sunset
Buddy Holly [headline]

Lubbock is the home of early-day rock 'n' roller Buddy Holly. The city has a terrific museum dedicated to Holly, Buddy Holly Terrace with statue, a mural painted on a wall downtown, and a thriving musical community.

Re-purposed Lubbock depot sign, Buddy Holly CenterGift shop display, a world of rock 'n' roll giftsmural of Peggy Sue, the Crickets and Buddy Holly
Plaque, Buddy Holly TerraceStatue to Buddy HollyRave On! Lubbock singer/songwriter Andy Wilkinson
Buddy Holly Center, Buddy Holly Terrace, and Lubbock singer/songwriter Andy Wilkinson.

Downtown Lubbock [headline] Downtown Lubbock was quiet on a late Saturday afternoon. The bars seemed busy. Patrons could be heard cheering as they watched a championship footfall game on television.
Entrance, Lubbock depot
Hub City Brewery
Avenue L and Broadway, the heart of downtown Lubbock

Cactus TheaterHigh-rise. Once a hotel?
At left:
Lubbock depot, Hub City Brewery, Ave. L and Broadway
Cactus Theater and residential hotel.

Wind Farm [headline] A trip to the east edge of town took us to the American Museum of Agriculture, arriving on the Ruby Tequila purple bus. Next door at the American Wind Power Center there was a fine collection of windmills.
The double wheel windmill was from Hutchinson, Kansas.
Purple Ruby Tequila bus
Thrasher on a ridge Wind turbine Double-wheel windmill from Hutchinson, Kansas Huge windmill variation
Elaborate windmill variationHillside of windmillsDouble-wheel

Old Tractors [headline] The American Museum of Agriculture had old farm tractors and implements. Some tractors were housed indoors. There were also displays of model tractors and peddle-car tractors.
Antique corn sheller
Old tractor Row of old tractors Old tractor, a machinist's dream Old thrasher
Hay rakePlowLook at these wheelsOld tractors, but not THAT old

Food and Fellowship [headline]

Texas hospitality included a supper of barbeque, served from a chuck wagon, cash bar, and live entertainment from a cowboy trio -- fine musicians.

Chuckwagon Friendly server offers a biscuit Passing out seconds on biscuitsConvention women enjoy live musicCowboy band
Food line Enjoying barbeque for supper
Trying out the cowboy cut-outs

Flyin' [headline]

I haven't flown so much that I ever lose my sense of awe at incredible sights
seen from the air!
Below left: breaking through cloud cover into the wild blue yonder
Center: the earth of Oklahoma is a strong red
Right: clouds play on the rectangular fields of Kansas

Breaking through clouds The red soil of Oklahoma Cloud shadows on Kansas

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