[title] Meeting in the Middle, League of Women Voters-United States, Convention 2006, Minneapolis, MN

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Covered hotel entrance, Hilton Minneapolis Hilton lobby lobby chandelier

Jun3 10-13, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
Hilton Minneapolis

LWVUS stands for League of Women Voters of the United States

Foshay Tower next to new building downtown looking west sunny day, downtown Minneapolis, MN
Downtown Minneapolis has a beautiful skyline...and has Marshall Fields. (They bought out Dayton's, and will soon become Macys.)
Foshay Tower reflected in newer building at dusk Light show on top floors of this downtown skyscraper Church steeple seen in the southwest
Glass exterior on newer downtown building Skyscrapers and reflecting pool at Peavey Plaza Waterfalls at Peavey Plaza
Chihuly sculpture, lobby of corporate offices, Target Stores Close up, Chihuly sculpture Wild bird sculpture, Nicollet Mall
Orchestra Hall, home of the Minnesota Orchestra Tall,  taller and tallest buildings

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getting ready for plenary session

aisle seats, plenary session

Yes votes and No votes
There were over 1000 delegates and observers at plenary meetings. Each voting delegate was expected to turn in paper ballots on issues where a voice vote was too close to call.

Keynote speaker Dr. Thomas Mann
LWVUS president Kay Maxwell led meetings our liason, Marlys Robertson, was voted First Vice-President for next term

Keynote by Dr. Thomas Mann: "American Democracy in a partisan Era";
Kay Maxwell LWVUS president; Marlys Robertson was KS liaison.

Banquet speaker was Garrison Keillor of St. Paul's A Prairie Home Companion radio program

Garrison Keillor was banquet speaker on Sunday eveing. Keillor had been publicizing his new movie, A Prairie Home Companion, directed by Robert Altman.
Kay Maxell accepts thank-yous as she retires from the US board of directors New president Mary G. Wilson addresses delegates Mary G. Wilson, new LWVUS President
Kay Maxwell (l)received thank-yous as she retires as LWVUS President. 2006-2007 National President is Mary G. Wilson (r).
Betsy Rohleder, on-the-job selling Suffragist note cards to Jeanne Morel-Franklin of St. Louis, MO
FROM BETSY ROHLEDER: As your Sales Person for the Votes for Women cards, I had the special pleasure of being able to smile and talk all day about the wonderful cards we have for sale in our League. The sales were somewhat like a garage sale – LOTS of $1, $5, Buy Suffragist Note Cardsand $10 sales and the occasional $45 and even a $100 sale!! We sold over 800 cards and when all was over on Tuesday I was very pleased!
 —LWV-Topeka and Shawnee Co.

Suffrage note cards for sale by League of Women Voters-Topeka and Shawnee County

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