A Visit to Washington D.C., June 2005. Select a photo to see the larger version. The White House Our nation's capitol World War II Memorial Jefferson Monument National Museum of the American Indian Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument Checking the D.C. tourist map
Metro Center
Department of Justice building U.S. Treasury building Old Post Office Tower Federal Building House were Lincoln died, across street from Ford's Theatre Ford's Theatre
Room, Merriott Metro CenterSun Trust buildingUrban renewal, near Ford's TheatreConsulting the tourist map

The White House
and Lafayette Park
Lafayette Memorial, Lafayette Park, just north of the White House Jackson Memorial, Lafayette Park General Jackson and friend Layfette Park squirrel
Rooftop security, White House Crowd congregates along Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the White House

The Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool from steps of the Lincoln Memorial, looking east
Lincoln Memorial, eflecting pool and Washington Monument, looking east Lincoln Memorial, statue of Lincoln and engraved tribute Lincoln Memorial, South wall of interior Lincoln Memorial, seated Lincoln and western interior wall
Lincoln Memorial, exterior

The Wall, Vietnam Memorial
The Wall, Vietnam Memorial to American war dead
First names, western entrance to The WallLooking east along The WallLooking west after exiting The Wall
Reflection in The Wall Deepest point and angled corner in The Wall Touching a name in The Wall Washington Monument reflected in The Wall Close up of names of war dead engraved in The Wall
Making a rubbing near the top, The Wall

Other Service Memorials
Vietnam Women's Memorial
Three Servicemen, Vietnam Tribute
Three Servicemen
Looking west, Vietnam Women's Memorial Looking south at the Vietnam Women's Memorial Looking east, Vietnam Women's Memorial
Detail, Three Servicemen, Vietnam tribute
Words carved in stone, Korean War VetsKorean War Vets 1Korean War Vets 2Korean War Vets

World War II Memorial
Atlantic Theatre, WWII Memorial Kansas column, WWII memorial Looking up inside Atlantic Theatre Monument Looking through Atlantic Theatre Monument toward fountains Honoring Victory at Sea and my father, a WWII Navy veteran
WWII fountains
Bronze relief honoring airplane maintanence Bronze relief honoring battleship warfare Bronze relief honoring D-day invasion
Row of state columns U.S. flag and Washington Monument seen through WWII Memorial column Looking southeast across fountain pool, WWII Memorial WWII Memorial, looking east across Reflecting Pool Pacific Theatre, WWII Memorial
Duck family dips into Reflecting Pool, west edge of WWII Memorial Flag poll base honors service branches. Honoring the Navy, where my father served in WWII Granite slab at east entrace, WWII Memorial Lincoln Memorial, looking west across WWII Memorial fountains and Reflecting Pool

National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of the American Indian, Inside atrium National Museum of the American Indian, looking down on the atrium, National Museum of the American Indian National Museum of the American Indian, exterior, east entrance National Museum of the American Indian, exterior, north view National Museum of the American Indian, interior staircase
Exterior, above
Exhibits, below and right
Jefferson Peace Medal, National Museum of the American Indian Gun display, National Museum of the American Indian
Display of napped points, National Museum of the American Indian
View monitor showing Cherokee language writing as devised by Sequoya Photo of Indian couple, with artifacts. Notice large earrings woman is wearing. Colorful textiles of native Americans Man and maze symbol

All photos © 2005 by Carol Yoho
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