[title] Yellowstone Visit, July 2009 To Craig, Colorado, and home to Kansas

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Photos, 2009 © Carol Yoho


Started from Rossville at 8:00 a.m.

Kansas has mostly rolling hills and fleecy clouds. Weather is cool for July. Very pleasant.

New wind farm stretches for miles along I-70 highway just east of Russell, KS.


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Sat.: Leaving Kansas; hello Denver
wind farm 1 wind farm 2 wind farm 3
wind farm 4 Kansas sky 1 Kansas sky 2 Eastern Colorado
mountain west of Denver west Denver skyline sun sets in mountains west of Denver roadside weeds roadside weeds 2

We got out of Denver on Sunday morning. That's a good time of day for freeway driving.

Wyoming was immediately rocky, hilly, undulating and wild. Speed limit was 75 mph. That's good, because towns, rest stops and any signs of civilization were few and far between.

I couldn't help but think of all those western movies I've seen in my life, with rough and tumble cowboy, fighting their way through harsh environments and handling human confrontations without the help of the law.

We never drove into the moutains. They stayed just west of I-25 as we headed north.

Sun.: Leaving Colorado; hello Wyoming
leaving Denver Wyoming welcoming cutout
outcrop 1 outcrop 2 outcrop 3
rolling 1 rolling 2 outcrop 4 rolling 3

We got hungry and stopped at tiny Glendo. Not only did they have a restaurant. It was wonderful. We enjoyed the stuff and mounted wildlife, pelts and skulls. My burger with bleu cheese, bacon & fries was terrific. Tea was fresh-brewed.

Sun.: Lunch at Mickes, Glendo, WY
skylight with mountings pelts and bobcat skulls
atypical elk rack more stuffed elk moutain lion, or cougar, is BIG bobcat [spacer]

Our waitress at Mickes in Glendo urged us to stop just south of Douglas, WY, at Ayres Natural Bridge.

We drove about five miles off of I-25 on a quiet road. I thought we might be the only people at the site. Boy, was I wrong.

I'd estimate there were two hundred people there swimming (brave souls in cold water), hiking, picnicing, and gawking...like us...on a cool, dry Sunday afternoon.

There are NO PETS ALLOWED in this park.

Sun.: Ayres Natural Bridge, Converse Co., WY
natural rock bridge bridge over land and river hikers atop bridge
brave swimmer in cold water long view of bridge rock bridge, Patti and Carol picnicers
road leading into park stoney outcropping rock wall parking a mom shows her baby the stone bridge [spacer]

We ran into brief rainstorms four times while traveling across Wyoming. Each time the clouds and the layers of mountains were beautiful. The weather cleared the farther north and west we went...until we had nearly reached Cody. Then clouds gathered again.

Sun.: Brief storms
clouds approach clouds darken evidence of rain clearing 2
rain to the west roiling clouds more rain
active storm light rain clearing

We eventually turned west on H-20 and northwest on H-120. Travel brought clearing skies and many more hillocks, rocky outcroppings and low mountains. We got into moutains north of Thermopolis, and came out the other side into Meeteetse, and on to Cody.

Sun.: More Wyoming rocks
scenery 1 scenery 2
outcrop strata
red rock undulating
single mound sky scrubby trailer in the hills

Weather was fine at Meeteetse; not so at Cody. Clouds rolled in, the sky darkened and wind was blowing hard as we arrived in Cody.

Coming into town with the storm, I saw three deer statues in the side yard of someone's home. As I looked, a deer moved. They were real! We stopped, backed up and I rolled down the window and shot a flash photo, despite the wind and rain.

We checked into Cody Cowboy Village, a new set of cabins on the south edge of town. We made our reservation last February, which must have been early, because I think they gave us the cabin with the best view of any of them.

The rain stopped and the sky began to clear as we sat inside at supper. By sunset, we could see clear sky and color in the west.


Sun.: Arrival in Cody, WY
downtown Meeteetse
at the edge of Cody
Cody Cowboy Villageour porch, Cody Cowboy Villageunpacking
the beds were deluxe new cabin our cowboy boot lamp western art
real deer in stormstatue near restaurantclearing sky as sunset

All photos © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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