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patio squirrel, August 2012 apatio squirrel, August 2012 bpatio squirrel, August 2012 cpatio squirrel, August 2012 d
Front yard bunnyBunny eatingBunny eating B
ladybug 1ladybug 2ladybug 3ladybug 4
moth 1 moth 2 moth 3 This moth has owl eyes!
Back yard Bunny
Back yard bunny 2
Back yard bunny 3 Back yard bunny stands straight cautious bunny
stately grasshopper grasshopper, stumping grasshopper 3
  left & above: Front yard grasshopper
Kansas Wildflowers & Blue Tailed Skink
Kansas History Center, August, 2008 Potawatomi Mission School, Kansas History Center, Topeka
Snow-on-the-mountain Blankflower in front of Sioux Quartzite Black-eyed Susans
dead bird dead bird 2 Italian Wall Lizard Wall lizard should be alien to Topeka, but calls Topeka home
above: Dead bird found in the grass on campus at
Washburn University in late April, 2009.
above: Italian Wall Lizard was found at Washburn University in Topeka. How these lizards came to find Topeka as home is a very interesting story.
ALSO:  The wall lizard you photographed near Morgan Hall represents about the eastern limit to their range in Topeka so far. They go as far north as about the zoo and as far west as about 21st and Fairlawn.  I am not sure just how far south they have expanded.  They normally are not found in the more natural areas where there are more native animals since many of the native animals eat them.  
  Of course a lot of people pick them up, keep them as pets, and sometimes set them free in new areas.  I have heard that there are now populations in Lawrence.
  Duckwall's sure may have sold lizards since there were very few laws regulating wildlife 50 years ago.  I know a lot of stores sold several different species of turtles during the 50's, 60's, and I believe into the 70's   —Larry L. Miller, www.KsHeritage.com

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Blankflower 1 Blankflower 2 snow-on-the-mountain wildflower Kansas native, blue-tailed skink Kansas blue-tailed skink 2