Rare Horns
Max was a machinist for 38 years. He worked in metal and has a deep appreciation for the craftmanship that goes into the making of metal instruments...particularly brass orchestra and band instruments. He appreciates the technology of making horns and appreciates the music they make when played.
Recently Max had the opportunity to enjoy touching, holding, and playing a number of rare brass instruments. Some made as long ago as the 19th century, all of these horns were manufactured in the distant past using the highest calibar of metal craftsmanship. And, oh, the sounds these horns can produce!

Nickel Rotary Valved Trombone
Max demonstrates holding the trombone Close up of the three rotary valves Boston rotary valve trombone displayed

French-made Valve Trombone
Max demonstrated playing the French trombone View of horn's left side View of horn's right side

Single-Valved Bugle
Max demonstrates playing single-valve bugle Bugle's left side Bugle's right side

Max encircled by silver-plated Helicon bass horn

Three Nice Horns
Max demonstrates playing brass post horn Close photo of name engraved on the Boston valve trombone
Silver-plated Helicon Brass Post Horn Boston engraving

Conn Trumpet, Pearl Buttons, Lovely Engraving
Conn trumpet in its case Close photo of pearl buttons on trumpet valves Close photo of beautiful engraving, Conn trumpet

Novelty Reed Horn, Seven Bells
Novelty reed horn, right side Novelty reed horn, left side

Slide Trumpet
Max demonstrates playing slide trumpet Slide trumpet in its case

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