[Title] Rene Lalique, artist in glass
Rene Lalique worked in France . He became renowned for his jewelry in the 1880s. He experimented with molded glass in his jewelry after 1890, being one of the first to introduce glass elements into his jewlry work. He eventually switched to working only in molded glass. His output was prolific. He produced cups, plates, vases, figures, and decorative accessories. He was particularly known for his design of perfume bottles. His work incorporated the birds, flowers, leaves, animals, fish, and human forms of nature. He worked in opalescent and tranluscent glass, alternating polished glass with satin finish and, in some cases, with enamel. He worked through the 1930s.
GLASS DEVIL BROOCH   Select a thumbnail to see a larger photo
pin front looking opalescent pin front looking green three-quarter view, opalescent three-quarter view, green cast
pinback gold work pin back clasp
This brooch is small, 1 3/4" x 1 1/4", in brass mounting. The glass is opalescent, reflecting green from foil behind the glass, giving the piece different looks on different backgrounds and with different lighting conditions, as shown here. The back of the piece is beautiful also.


profile view
from above, with cover This inkwell is 6 1/4" in diameter and approximately 2 1/2" tall, in frosts white glass. This piece has a sepia patina which enhances detail in the work and is a feature sought after by collectors.
mermaid detail, no coverrelief seen from beneathmore mermaid detail, no cover


bowl rim
bowl, straight in


Bowl is 9 1/4"" x 3 7/8". The glass has a green cast.

bowl, side view

detail, mistletoe bowl, inside bowl, inside bottom

Thank you, private collector, for allowing these pieces to be photographed.
Photos ©2003 by Carol Yoho
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