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Internationally recognized logoGary Clarke's North Pole CampGary Clarke elf 1Gary Clarke elf 2
NOTO street, September 2014Bluegrass Gypies ABluegrass Gypies BPulley, triplePulley, double
fan boat A, Kansas River 7-11-2014sunset A, Kansas River, 7-11-2014sunset B, Kansas River, 7-11-2014fan boat B, Kansas River 7-11-2014Super Moon, over Kansas River 7-11-2014
NOTO flowers ANOTO flowers BNOTO building, ex-North-Topeka-Post-Officewildflowers, NOTObusiness wall, NOTOBeside Warehouse 414
crickets on hybiscusDisintegrating farmhouseWorn linestone dwellingWorn linestone dwelling 2Winter flowers
Kansas City route A
Kansas City route BKansas City route CKansas City route DKansas City route E
lost chicken fingercornhuskSnacks at NexLynx eventTwo by Barbara Waterman-PetersThree horns
Model train setMeat prices are up, Sept, 2012American Soap Operastuffed jackrabbitCurly fries 1Curly fries 2Curly fries 3

Carol's photos at The Elective, NOTO cabbage A cabbage B cabbage C Gramercy squirrel hawk count, 12-'11
Wells Fargo stack of donated jeans art lover 1 art lover 2 loveable art art lover 3
Do not stereotype beach ball floats at night twig foot, Zimmer Books and Maps Carol's Rudolph cup and bowl
paper jam, it's always something Toy Store vines 1 Toy Store vines 2 bat 1 bat 2
Patti's raku pear half pear on counter glitzy handbags straw hat on marble tombstone of girl marble marker in pink hat pumpkin Ford Falcon
Snow dusting on the Flint Hills, south of I-70 Flint Hills, spring burning, April 2006, near Cassody Blue Haron, on the dock at Lake Perry Boot Tree, Leroy, KS Moon caught tree limbs A proper iris
sunset, McDonald's stop on turnpike north of Emporia, KS dada DRINK downtown fire escape wheatfield, Wilson, Kansas wheatfield near Wilson closeup, wheat, Kansas
tipi store, near Lawrence, KS
1940 Chevy sunflower 2000 octagonal barn, Yates Center birch catkins

country weathervane

icy field near Emporia, Kansas, March 2003 cat suns herself, March 2003 Bald Eagle near Perry Lake, Jefferson County, Kansas
old auto, deluxe
Cadillac deVille, fin from back Cadillac deVille, fin from side
pink flamingos less than 90 degrees dragonfly lobby, Liberty Theater, Lawrence, KS old Plymouth Westboro Cleaners at night toy monkey

All photos ©2001-2016 by Carol Yoho
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