Thomas Fox Averill









Garden Plots


 As a lifelong gardener (mostly of vegetables) and an admirer of gardens and gardeners, I decided to visit botanical gardens in the UK and France.  During the summer of 2007, my wife and son and I visited 21 gardens in 31 days, first in London, then Paris, then the Moors, the Lake District, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  I was determined to fashion a short story idea each day I was away from Kansas.

We talked with gardeners, with docents, with fellow tourists.  We read all the brochures, bought books, studied maps, made notes for future research.

I wrote out my story ideas in miniature form, so that they would remain fresh, and found that  I really enjoyed the tight forms of the short, short story, the prose poem, the brief mini-essay, the meditation, the rant, and the poetry that arrived.  Since that summer of 2007, I have visited gardens in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oregon, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, and Kansas (to name a few), and continued to write in these short forms.  Please visit my literary botanical gardenby navigating your way through with clicks on your mouse.