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The Office of University Diversity and Inclusion ensures all students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to a quality education.  This requires the commitment of the entire university. Providing access, whether through specific accommodations or through implementation of universal design for learning, is a partnership among faculty, staff and students.

By law, instructors are required to allow accommodations essential for students to have equal access.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to best accommodate a student with a disability contact a staff member in University Diversity and Inclusion.

Types of Academic and Classroom Accommodations:  

  • Alternative-format materials
  • Accessible tables and chairs
  • Assistive technology
  • Testing accommodations
  • Interpreters/Captioning
  • Note-taking

Testing Accommodations Procedures through the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion:  

  •  Discuss accommodations requested through the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion with the student.
  •  Complete and return all copies of the Testing Authorization Form to the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion upon receipt (a form must be on file for each test a student takes in the Office)
  •  Send exams via email to diversity.inclusion@washburn.edu or hand deliver to Morgan Hall, Room 105 at least 24 hours prior to the time of the exam. 

Testing Guidelines: 

  • A completed Testing Authorization Form must be on file for each exam a student takes with the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion
  •  If a student arrives late for the exam, the student will only be given the allotted extended time as indicated on the exam (time does not get extended due to tardiness)
  •  Backpacks, cell phones, coats, purses, or any unauthorized academic aids are not permitted in the testing room
  •  Test readers will not explain, clarify, or express opinions concerning materials on the test
  •  Exam will be discontinued if student becomes ill, engages in inappropriate behavior, or is found to be cheating
  •  If a student misses an exam, the student will need to contact the class instructor within 24 hours and ask the instructor to contact a Testing Coordinator for approval to reschedule the exam
  •  Students must contact the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion 24 hours prior to a scheduled exam if the student decides to take the exam in class, will miss the exam, or if an exam has been cancelled or rescheduled
  •  All students must adhere to the WU Student Code of Conduct

GET IN TOUCH WITH University Diversity and Inclusion

Morgan Hall
Room 105

Phone & Email

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5 pm
(After 5pm by appointment)

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