Track and document your professional development activities by registering to earn your Certificate of Teaching and Learning.  Once you register for the certification process we will begin tracking your participation in CTEL sponsored events that focus on teaching excellence.  Each time you participate you will earn a badge for that event category (i.e. assessment, CEL, consultations, diversity and inclusion, etc.) that will be posted under your name below.  Once you have earned 9 badges you will have earned your Certificate of Teaching and Learning for that academic year.

Workshop = 1 badge
Speaker = 1 badge
Teaching Circle = 1 badge for each day you attend
Teaching Matters = 1 badge for each day you attend
Watching webinars on your own = 1 badge for 60 minutes of content (You will need to get at least 5 badges from CTEL advertised events to earn a certificate.)
Networking event = 1 badge
Consultation Level 1 = 2 badges
Consultation Level 2 = 3 badges
Consultation Level 3 = 7 badges
Course Design Institute = 9 badges (if you complete all days otherwise it is 1 badge for each day you attend)
Quality Online Course Initiative Online Course = 9 badges (if you complete all assignments)

Certificate of Inclusive Teaching and Learning

This certificate is awarded to those who attend nine diversity and inclusion events. When you are awarded this certificate, you will also be given a placard that can be posted on your office door and a confirmation statement that you can include in your syllabus stating that you have attended training in inclusive teaching techniques. Anyone who has registered for the Certificate of Teaching and Learning will automatically be registered for this certificate as well.

Register for the Certificates

Fill out this form to register for BOTH of the Certificates of Teaching and Learning.

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