Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) Online Course Design

Are you teaching an online course next semester for the very first time?  Do you struggle to organize your online content?  Do you need to know what to do to make your class ADA compliant?  Help is on the way!  CTEL is offering the Quality Online Course Initiative.  This program is designed to help you design a great online course!

This a real-time online course about course design. There will be at least 1 synchronous meeting at the beginning of the course and discussion boards and an assignment every other week.

Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) Managing a Meaningful and Active Online Course

Learning is not a passive process; it requires action, experience, and engagement. This course emphasizes the need to think about online instruction in more active terms. During this course, faculty will reflect upon how they manage their online courses with the aim of helping faculty create and manage meaningful learning experiences in the online environment.

This is a real-time, fully online course about managing a meaningful and active online course.


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