Committee Charge

The Committee shall recommend persons to receive honorary degrees from the University. The Committee will assist in identifying individuals who are worthy of consideration for honorary degrees by virtue of their community service or professional accomplishments, assemble data in support of nominations, and assist in hosting honorees during commencement weekend activities.

Committee Members 

  • Jerry Farley, President - Washburn University
  • JuliAnn Mazachek, VP - Academic Affairs
  • Marshall Meek - Washburn Endowment Association
  • Susie Hoffmann, Director - Alumni Association
  • Tom Prasch, Faculty - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Hyoungah Park, Faculty - School of Applied Studies
  • Rosemary Walker, Faculty School of Business
  • Karli Davis, Faculty - School of Law
  • Mary Menninger-Corder, Faculty - School of Nursing
  • Tim Clothier, Technical Instructor - Washburn Institute of Technology
  • Kayi Goodheart, Student Representative - Washburn Student Government Association
  • Mayela Campa, Student Representative - Washburn Student Government Association

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