Committee Charge

This Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing policy and establishing minimum standards of the University regarding undergraduate academic grade requirements and scholastic deficiency. The Committee will act upon individual requests for reinstatement and continued probation.

Committee Members 

  • Jennifer Ball, Associate VP - Academic Affairs
  • Joey DeSota, Executive Administrator - Academic Affairs
  • Andy Fogel, Director-Financial Aid
  • Sean Bird, Assistant Dean - Student Success and Retention
  • Joel Bluml, Associate VP - Student Life
  • TBD, University Registrar
  • Regina Cassell, Faculty - Creative/Performing Arts
  • Loree Weir, Faculty - Education/Kinesiology
  • Louise Krung, Faculty - Humanities
  • Matthew Cook, Faculty - Natural Sciences/Mathematics
  • Bob Beatty, Faculty - Social Sciences
  • Scott Sainato, Faculty - School of Applied Studies
  • Susan Maendele, Faculty - School of Nursing
  • Shane Van Dalsem, Faculty - School of Business
  • Jeannie Cornelius, Director - Academic Advising (ex officio)
  • TBD - Coordinator, STAR (ex officio)
  • Jason Haberkorn, Student
  • TBD, Student
  • TBD,  Student

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