Committee Charge

The purpose of this Committee is to review candidates for the Sibberson Award finalists for each commencement ceremony and to choose the Sibberson award winner for each ceremony.

Committee Members

  • JuliAnn Mazachek, VP - Academic Affairs
  • Eric Grospitch, VP - Student Life
  • Richard Liedtke, Executive Director - Enrollment Management
  • Laura Stephenson, Dean - College of Arts and Sciences
  • David Sollars, Dean - School of Business
  • Jane Carpenter, Interim Dean - School of Nursing
  • Pat Munzer, Dean School of Applied Studies
  • Rachel Goossen, Faculty – College of Arts and Sciences
  • Deborah Altus, Faculty - School of Applied Studies
  • Jayme Burdiek, Faculty – School of Business
  • Mary Menninger-Corder, Faculty, School of Nursing
  • Janet Schneider, (ADMIN SUPPORT)

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