Below is a compilation of issues that staff have raised. If you are an eligible Exempt or Non-Exempt employee and have an issue you would like the Staff Council to consider, please contact your area representative listed on the Representatives page.

The council has organized these items into categories:

A - Advising Administration. These are non-benefit related issues that the Staff Council would consider and make recommendations to the President for consideration. Generally these issues would require the President’s influence or allocations of resources to accomplish.

B - Benefits. These are non-salary related benefits of interest to staff.

C - Communications. Items the Staff Council can facilitate communication about and then forward the concern to the appropriate area or provide information to the person raising the issue.

D - These are non-salary, non-benefit related issues that the Human Resources office might assist with.



Issue Status
Concern about how raises are implemented Done - 2001
Consistency regarding taking classes during working hours Done - 2001
Create secretarial pool (mostly need funding source) Closed
Create vehicle to allow upgrades of clerical positions Closed
Need for State of the University address Done - 1999-00
Create vehicle to compensate wage hour overtime Dept. Budget
Creation of Crisis Center In progress - 2005
Electronic deposit of checks Done - 2000
Equitable recording of leave time across campus Closed
Negative reactions to mandatory leave for Holiday break Done - 2000
Payment for administrators for "second WU job" Closed
Representation on Personnel Committee (now Benefits Committee) Closed
Shortened summer hours Closed
Should Board of Regents reps be only faculty? Closed
Staff release time to teach in Continuing Education. Closed
Time off for class or community service during the work day Done- 2001
WU DAY once a month Closed
Who and how are decisions made to close WU for snow University Administration


Issue Status
Accrued leave limit only kick in June 30 rather than monthly Done - 2001
Combine personal and sick leave Done -2001
Daycare (Affects limited number of employees) Closed
Discretionary Day - Floating holiday Closed
Educational assistance for intersession courses. (No longer exist) Closed
Include textbook costs with educational assistance Done -2001
Insurance issues Benefits Committee
Expand funeral leave beyond immediate family In progress - 2001
Shared sick leave policy In progress - 2001
Make benefits more equitable Benefits committee
Tiered rate structure for health insurance (Benefits Committee) Done
Tuition break for employees family members Done - 1999-00
Longevity Pay Done - 2001
Funeral Pay Closed


Issue Status
Better student ambassador training Referred to Admissions
Casual newsletter for employees that focuses on the people Closed
Certificates of completion of training courses (ie computer) Closed
Cleaning sidewalks, etc. Safety Committee
Develop an evacuation plan for persons with disabilities Closed
Fees for parking tickets should be increased Done -2000
Improved recreational facilities Closed
Leave time listed on paychecks Banner
Make employees more aware of major WU events ahead of time Done - 2000
Not invite outside events to campus on holidays Closed
Parking Lot K has serious drainage problem Closed
Petro crossing walk Closed
Publicizing of student, staff and faculty accomplishments, honors, etc. Public Relations
Safety (more sidewalks, trimming or elimination of hedges) Done - 2000
Security concerns during breaks when buildings are not busy Closed
Sidewalks in parking Lot K Closed
Timely payment of vouchers during enrollment Closed
Swimming lessons for the community in Petro Pool Closed
Want payroll cards specifying when time sheets are due Closed
Wording on electronic sign is hard to read. Sign replaced 2000
Need for parking at Morgan for money deposits Closed


Issue Status
Rehires maintain years of service Done - 2001
Concern about "Outstanding Employee" Awards Done - 2000-01
Staff evals on-line Done - 2006
Need for a training session for various WU procedures (especially new hires) In progress -2005
Shared positions Closed
Staff Development opportunities Done - 2000-01
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