Department heads and supervisors will fill out the Washburn ITS Access Request form when they have a new hire or transfer employee or a student worker to request the appropriate access to Argos, Banner, D2L, Department Calendar, Imaging, Mailing lists, S: Drive or Video.

Before you begin

  • The employee or student you are requesting access for:
    1. Must have a valid identification number (WIN)
    2. Have an active employee or student record in Banner.
  • An employee or student may not request access for him/herself.
  • Only select the access you know an employee needs. Contact Support with any questions.
  • You may be contacted by many areas of ITS during the account creation and access process.
  • Please allow 3 business days for completion of access requests.

The form can also be found in MyWashburn:

  1. Log into MyWashburn
  2. Select the Employee on the left
  3. In the New Hire/Transfer Access Request area, click the Washburn ITS Access Request form link
  4. Log in with your Washburn email address and password

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