Connecting to the campus network while off campus

Virtual Private Network

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network and is used to provide a means for users to connect their computers to the campus network from home or while traveling. This allows you to access your network drives without being on campus. You must be enrolled in the Duo two-factor authentication service to use the VPN. Follow this guide to self-enroll in DUO.
If you need help enrolling in Duo, installing or connecting to your PaloAlto GlobalProtect client, or mapping to Washburn network drives once connected, contact or call ext 3000.

You must be enrolled in DUO before connecting to the GlobalProtect Portal. Follow this guide to self-enroll in DUO.

1. Go to

2. Enter your Washburn email ( and password

paloalto login page

3. In the upper right-hand corner, click on 'GlobalProtect Agent'.

4. Accept the Duo two-factor prompt and choose the agent you wish to install. If you are unsure which agent to download, or if you need an enrollment link for Duo, please contact ITS Support.

paloalto download page

5. Choose ‘Save File’ when prompted.

paloalto download save

6. Click on the newly-downloaded file to run it. Click ‘OK’ if you get an executable file warning. Click Next on each screen of the Installer to install the agent in the default location.

paloalto run program

7. After a short time, you will be presented with the Windows User Account Control screen as displayed below. Click Yes.

paloalto allow download

8. Once the installation completes, the GlobalProtect agent opens automatically. Type the portal address ‘’ and click Connect. This completes the installation. The GlobalProtect agent runs automatically and can be opened at any time from the system tray.

1. Open the system tray and click the GlobalProtect icon to open the program.

paloalto systray icon

2. Click Connect

paloalto click connect

3. Enter your Washburn email ( and password.

4. Click Sign In.

paloalto signin

5. You will receive a two-factor prompt from Duo, Accept the prompt or enter your one-time code to complete authentication. If you need an enrollment link for Duo, please contact ITS Support.

6. Once you are connected, you should see this message.

paloalto connected

1. Right-click the PaloAlto GlobalProtect VPN client icon in your system tray.

paloalto systray

2. From the PaloAlto GlobalProtect VPN client screen, choose Disconnect.

paloalto click disconnect

Accessing your desktop remotely (WUAPPS)

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