Day Four

Today's walk keeps us in the same arrondissement as the previous one, the 6th, and can easily be combined with it.  Begin in front of the church St-Sulpice and walk south on a little street, rue de Jouvenal, which after one block becomes the rue Ferou.  After leaving his wife Hadley,  Ernest Hemingway moved into an apartment at number 6 in 1926.   He lived there with Pauline Pfeiffer, whom he later married, and stayed for nearly two years while he worked on his novel A Farewell to Arms.

6, rue Ferou

Retrace your steps up the rue Ferou about twenty yards and turn right onto another narrow street, rue du Carivet.  Turn right again when the street ends after just one block onto the rue Servandoni.  At the corner of the street, across from the Jardins du Luxembourg, you'll see Le Grand Hotel des Principautés, now fallen into disuse and not looking so grand.

There William Faulkner lived for four months in 1925.  Even though Faulkner is not typically associated with the expatriate movement, did not stay long in France, and did not join the American community there, ironically this brief stay is commemorated by a plaque on the side of the building on the rue Servandoni.

The front of the hotel faces the rue Vaugirard.  Walk past the front until you reach the west edge of the Jardins du Luxembourg.  At number 58, rue Vaugirard Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald rented an apartment in 1928.

58, rue de Vaugirard

Now turn immediately right on the rue Guynemer and then take the first right onto the rue de Fleurus.  At number 27 (there is also a plaque), you will see probably the moust famous of all the expatriate addresses in Paris.

Here Gertrude Stein and her brother Leo had an apartment beginning in 1903.  They were joined by Alice B. Toklas in 1910 and stayed until 1937.  The apartment was the site of both Stein's famous literary salon and her important collection of contemporary art.

Follow the rue de Fleurus to its end a block or so away and turn left on the rue Notre-Dame des Champs.  Follow it for a few blocks until you come to number 70bis. Ezra Pound and his wife moved into this narrow building in 1921 while he worked on the Cantos. Katherine Anne Porter lived in the same apartment from 1934 to 1936.

70bis, rue Notre-Dame des Champs

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